Zikula – Its easy all the way!

Zikula – Its easy all the way!


Zikula is an Open Source, PHP-based Application Framework. It allows developers to create feature-rich, interactive websites which can be maintained through a comprehensive and easy-to-use administrator panel that requires little to no HTML knowledge. The administrator interface is browser based and is therefore easily accessible and simple to use.

Zikula and PostNuke: Originally,  Zikula was known by the name – PostNuke. Version 8 of PostNuke was released as Zikula Version 1 in July 2008.  The latest stable release in Zikula is Zikula V 1.2.3 – this was released on April 20, 2010.

Zikula – Features: Zikula can be used to develop just about any kind of website, right from a standalone weblog to a  multi-featured website like an e-commerce site.  A salient feature of the Zikula framework is its clear-cut distinction between content and design, which cuts down the development time for a website, thereby making it a cost-effective solution that delivers a quality product (website) for a low price.

The design (look/feel) of the website can be controlled through Zikula’s simple and elegant theme system, which allows the site-administrator to control and maintain the design by modifying only the relevant HTML code. The PHP code need not be touched/modified at all!

Additional functionalities and features can be easily added to any Zikula-based website. These features are readily available as extensions and plugins which can be downloaded and integrated into the website seamlessly. The plug-and-play nature of these extensions allows administrators to easily enable / disable the features in the website and thus give them control over how they wish their website to work.

Highlights of Zikula:

  • Ease of Installation & Set up
  • Comprehensive administrator panel
  • Quick and easy development of websites
  • Good Security & Performance
  • Flexibility and Scalability of use
  • Easy to use Template Management System
  • Availability of Open Source Modules & Plugins in Zikula Community
  • A helpful User Community
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