Introducing Zingallo: Better Video Conferencing Made Easy and Always at Your Fingertips

Introducing Zingallo: Better Video Conferencing Made Easy and Always at Your Fingertips


The unforeseen spread of COVID-19 on such a grand scale has forced industries around the world to find the best means to adapt to the rapid changes it brought about. Work has to be done, after all, in order to keep the economy’s heart pumping.

WFH and other remote measures, for those industries able to adapt them, are but one sure-fire way to achieve this. Out of all the ready platforms available, video conferencing provides the most scope and elbow room, which is why it has become a go-to means for people to conduct virtual meetings.

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The Zingallo app, Dot Com Infoway’s own take of video conferencing, takes everything up a notch, so to speak. Allow us to take you through everything about this truly exceptional video conferencing software.

Bridging Gaps in Online Collaboration Via Virtual Meetings, Webinars, and More

Video conferencing technology draws plenty of its strength from the way it weaves communication, management, convenience, and variety – no doubt the most important elements of any collaborative platform – into a single platform. We made sure to utilize such an advantage to the fullest by going for an all-inclusive route in the way we designed Zingallo.

zingallo dashboardBesides being able to conduct virtual meetings and webinars, users and participants can also use video and audio calls, live streaming, live chat, screen sharing, whiteboarding, recording, send private messages, and share videos. Host and schedule more secure meetings and moderate each one with relative ease. You can also access Zingallo anywhere and anytime you want since it runs in both iOS and Android; it also has its own stand-alone browser application.

Zingallo’s scope also extends to numerous industries in need of a solid online conferencing software for them to do any kind of collaborative endeavor, wherever their professionals and their respective team members may be.

A Closer Look at Zingallo’s Features

A launch announcement is never complete without a deeper dive into features. For Zingallo, a closer look is necessary so you’ll see what makes it stand apart, what improvements it brings to video conferencing as a whole. We pinpointed the weak points of current video conferencing platforms available and made sure to improve on them.

  • Create New Virtual Meetings and Webinars in Seconds and Collaborate with Your Team or Anyone You’re Meeting

The Zingallo app lays everything you need to hold meetings always within arm’s reach. With just a few taps and clicks, meetings and webinars can be set and started. You can enter the name of the conference then proceed to start. It’s that quick and easy!

Anyone you’re meeting with can readily join a conference you create. Of course, you have to invite them first so a nifty button is included in the conference interface so you can do this in seconds. The app instantly connects to your contacts and other social mediums available on your phone.

  • Private Messaging, Audio Calls, Video Calls, and Live Chats Keep Communication Channels Open and Readily Available

There’s no shortage of ways for you to connect with your team members, clients, and business partners with the help of Zingallo’s numerous communication features. Buttons for PMs, audio calls, video calls, and chats are embedded on the lower portion of every conference screen.

Poor communication often weighs down on online collaboration and remains as one of the most persistent hurdles of work-from-home setups. With more than one communication tool at your disposal, Zingallo makes sure you’ll always have a ready option to connect with peers, colleagues, and clients.

We realize the importance of face-to-face conversations, too, especially in these times when social distancing is a must. To help in this regard, we made it a point to make almost every conference run like a video call in default.

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  • Interactivity Gains a Boost

What’s the use of virtual meetings without real-time interaction? And don’t conventional video conferencing tools lack depth and variety in the way it offers opportunities for participants to interact better?

With Zingallo’s screen-sharing, whiteboard, and live streaming capabilities, the app actively simulates how traditional office presentations are done. Any of these three features can make you feel as at-home as possible (at least, as far as office and business meetings go) every time you, your clients, or team members use them. As you conduct your virtual meeting, you can even share videos in real-time to aid you in getting your point across.

Familiarity always helps users to warm up to a new platform that has every evident sign of becoming the norm – if not now but in the very near future. Zingallo takes everyone by the hand and gently guides them through that inevitable transition with its responsive and interactive features.

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Get Started With Our Video Conferencing Platform!

Zingallo powers flawless online video conferencing and web meetings for small, medium, and enterprise-level organizations. Easily integrates into your industry and business models so it can work like you do.

  • Schedule Meetings and Manage and Moderate Them – minus the Stress

Meetings and webinars do not need to be a hassle to organize, host, and moderate. As said above, all you will ever need is at your fingertips and this applies to organization tasks as well. Setting the date of your meeting, streaming, whiteboarding, etc. are just a few taps away. The schedules will automatically be integrated into your phone’s calendar.

Meeting moderation is also very much possible and we made sure to take as much of the hassle away from it, too. We value order as much as any respectable company, and we hope this philosophy readily trickles down the moderating features we included here. The app gives you all the control and freedom you need to keep all participants in check and behaving as they should in a corporate or business setting.

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  • Only the Most Stringent Security Measures Are Implemented and Upheld in Every Meeting

Security should never be overlooked in platforms susceptible to intrusion or disruptions from external entities. Rest assured that all meetings you conduct can be done with adequate and reinforced protection against hackers and other intruders that might interrupt your conferences. All of your meetings, webinars, live streams, and other collaborative activities available in-app are automatically fully encrypted upon creation.

  • Use the App Either via Your Browser or the iOS and Android Versions

We also anticipated the need to boost the accessibility of a normally for-business software. The times have promoted video conferencing software as close as it has ever gotten to becoming a normative solution to virtual meeting needs. It’s only right for it to be versatile in terms of convenience.

To meet this demand, we have made native versions of the app in both iOS and Android. You can also access Zingallo directly from your Internet browser.

Boosting Businesses to Beat COVID-19

As you can see, the seemingly debilitating limits of COVID-19 aren’t really as bad as they are given the existence of technology that can directly address them. We simply harnessed the power of video conferencing and leveled it up, and we hope that the features we outlined were able to demonstrate it to you. In doing so, we also count on the benefits it provides to help keep your business afloat (and even flourish) during this coronavirus pandemic.

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