DCI Launches Exclusive Infographic Design and Promotion Services

DCI Launches Exclusive Infographic Design and Promotion Services

We are happy to announce the expansion of our business portfolio to include Infographic Design and Promotion Services. These new services are a direct response to requests from clients and the increasing popularity of Dot Com Infoway’s infographic series.

Infographic Design and Promotion Services

We aim to build brands and share the buzz about emerging technologies and the latest business trends through infographics. Our dedicated infographic designers adopt extensive research practices to collect the information, data and statistics that are required for a compelling infographic. Our exclusive infographic marketing team makes use of the best social media marketing strategies and viral promotion methods to drive visitors, generate leads and build on brand exposure.

We’re growing, we’re expanding and we’re looking to take advantage of significant growth opportunities to provide our clients with access to a more comprehensive range of services and solutions across multiple professional platforms, under a single roof. The phenomenal response which our infographic series continues to receive, propelled us to launch full-fledged Infographic Design and Promotion services. Be it an idea, a process, a trend or technology, our team specializes in extracting key points from a concept and presenting them with visually stunning, interactive illustrations that capture interest.

Our 5 previous infographics were on mobile app marketing, HTML5, responsive web design, choosing the right CMS and the Top 11 features of Windows 8. The popularity and demand of these infographics paved way for DCI’s extended service suite.

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