Google PPC for Small Businesses: A Beginner’s Guide [E-Book]

Google PPC for Small Businesses: A Beginner’s Guide [E-Book]

Small businesses are always looking for a good way to get an advantage when it comes to marketing and advertising. They do not have the big budgets of larger companies, so they need to find alternate means of getting the word out about their business.

We have officially launched our much-awaited e-book, Google PPC for Small Businesses: A Beginner’s Guide, which provides small business owners with information and guidelines to get started with pay per click advertising to enhance their visibility, reach and ROI online.

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The e-book promises to be an eye-opener for small businesses, as it offers some solid nuggets of advice to help them boost their overall sales, and overcome the highly-competitive market situation in their niche. It helps small business owners understand PPC, measure the results, and run an ad campaign without wasting money. It provides valuable insight into the power of Google AdWords, and how it can be used to drive relevant traffic, growth, and sales. It stresses on the need to use the right tools to create powerful ad campaigns.

Google PPC for Small Businesses: A Beginner’s Guide reveals how researching for the right keywords is imperative for the success of a small business. According to the e-book, the key to success is to think like a customer while looking for the right keywords. Another important area of PPC is determining the ad budget. The trick is to start with a small budget and decide the amount of money to be set aside for AdWords. The size of the company is the deciding factor, according to the e-book.

There are lots of other valuable inputs that the e-book offers such as tips on creating great ad copy, and optimizing landing pages, destination URLs, and negative keywords to get a better conversion rate. Other key factors of PPC covered in the e-book include the bidding strategy, deciding the cost per click, geo targeting, and keeping track of the quality score.

As a pioneer in Internet marketing and a Google AdWords Certified Partner, we have the experience to represent and protect the brand of our clients, and target the right market for attracting the right customers. We have helped companies from various industries achieve spectacular results with their PPC campaigns by sourcing qualified, yet affordable leads to improve their conversion rates and profits. You can find out more about our PPC marketing services here.

Download Google PPC for Small Businesses: A Beginner’s Guide ebook.

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