How Facebook's New Mobile App Ads Can Save Advertising Costs

How Facebook's New Mobile App Ads Can Save Advertising Costs

Facebook has recently introduced Carousel Ads in their mobile apps, which allow for multiple items, such as images, to be displayed in a carousel as opposed to individual ads. With this change, Facebook expects to reduce advertiser costs allowing more product to be shown. The carousel ads work by displaying more than one item over time in the ad window.

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Facebook introduced carousel ads for its desktop services last year. According to the company, advertisers have actually lowered conversion costs by 30-50% and have reduced CPC rates by 20-30% overall. Not only do carousel ads save money, they allow more products to be shown per ad, making it easier for customers to pick from a variety of services a single advertiser offers.

Since the carousel ad format allows up to five links and images to scroll, a number of advertisers have been using the extra real estate creatively, whether to talk more about their companies or specific products, hoping to increase interest in specific items. With the success of the desktop app, it’s expected that the mobile roll-out of carousel ads will produce a similar, if not greater, drive towards advertising innovation.