Firefox 7 to Use Less Memory

Firefox 7 to Use Less Memory

Mozilla released Firefox 7 with a better memory management and speed boosts.

Mozilla has launched this latest version of its free and open source web browser Firefox less than six weeks after the release of Firefox 6. Firefox 7 boasts to use less memory and perform faster. These changes are the part of “MemShrink” effort that aims to improve the browser’s stability by reducing memory usage.

firefox-7-updateIn a blog post Mozilla has assured users that the updated Firefox will show a reduction in memory usage of anywhere between 20% and 50%. It added, “This means that Firefox and the websites you use will be snappier, more responsive, and suffer fewer pauses. It also means that Firefox is less likely to crash or abort due to running out of memory.”

Firefox users will be prompted to update to Firefox 7 upon restarting the program over the next few days.

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