Google: 9500 New Malicious Sites Appear Each Day

Google: 9500 New Malicious Sites Appear Each Day

Google has recently revealed information on how it is keeping Internet users safe from malware and other attacks, on its blog.

According to Google’s blog post, Google finds about 9500 new malicious websites each day that have been compromised by hackers or sites designed intentionally to spread malware. Moreover, approximately 12 million to 14 million of Google’s daily search queries return results with at least one hacked site and 300,000 downloads per day get flagged with a warning through Chrome’s download protection service.

Google's data on malware

Neils Provos from Google’s security team wrote in the blog post that Google protects more than 600 million users via built-in protection for Chrome, Firefox and Safari, where several million security warnings are displayed every day to Internet users.

Google also sends thousands of notifications to Webmasters and Internet Service Providers about the issues of malware and various virus attacks.

google's data on Internet user protection

Provos further wrote, “Our tangible impact in making the Web more secure, and our ability to directly protect users from harm, has been a great source of motivation for everyone on the Safe Browsing team. We are also happy that our free data feed has become the de facto base of comparison for academic research in this space.”

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