Google Gets Improved with Advanced Image and Voice Search

Google Gets Improved with Advanced Image and Voice Search

Google has introduced three new prototype features for its search engine in an  effort to confirm its dominance in this market.

At the Inside Search event held at San Francisco, Google has introduced three interesting features for its search application. Search by Image helps users to search with the image just by dragging and dropping it or placing the its URL in the search box. Websites like TinEye have already been offering a similar service.

Voice search is another interesting feature that makes it easy to perform the search, just by speaking the keyword. It is available only to Chrome users and supports only English now.

Instant Pages helps users get the web pages quickly. After displaying results for the placed search term, Google silently analyzes the result page to determine which search result you are likely to click. You have to download the beta version of Chrome to enjoy this feature.

Google still maintains the top position in the search engine market and this latest initiative gives an indication of the importance it gives for staying ahead of  competitors.

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