Google Looks to Replace JavaScript With Dart

Google Looks to Replace JavaScript With Dart

Google unveiled a new web programming language, Dart as an alternate to JavaScript.

JavaScript is the main built-in scripting language in all the web browsers. Google has revealed its own version of structured web programming language, Dart in the GOTO Conference happening at Aarhus, Denmark. According to the search giant, this new language will help developers address the shortcomings of JavaScript.

google_dart_languageIn a blog post, Dart software engineer Lars Bak lists the design goals of Dart:

  • Create a structured yet flexible language for web programming.
  • Make Dart feel familiar and natural to programmers and thus easy to learn.
  • Ensure that Dart delivers high performance on all modern web browsers and environments ranging from small handheld devices to server-side execution.

Dart has its native virtual machine, but there is also a compiler to translate Dart into JavaScript. Google is expected to integrate the Dart virtual machine with its Chrome browser.

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