Google's Campaign for Free and Open Web

Google's Campaign for Free and Open Web

Google has launched a campaign to create awareness among the people, about keeping the Internet free and open. It posted the message, “Love the free and open Internet? Tell the world’s governments to keep it that way,” on its homepage. The message links to a webpage with the tagline, “Take Action”.

Google compaign for free and open web

In spite of warnings from the organizations led by Google and Microsoft, a UN conference started off in Dubai yesterday. These talks could lead to the end of the World Wide Web, says Search Engine Journal. The UN’s International Telecommunications Union (ITU), which is organizing the talks, hopes for a revision in the treaty.

Google’s main concern is that the proposals may allow governments to put an end to free speech on the Internet, and even terminate Internet access at will. Reports also reveal that decisions could lead to the requirement of payment for services like Facebook, Skype, YouTube etc., across multiple nations. Google says that this may lead to limited access of information particularly in the upcoming nations.

Google complains that only governments are given a chance to express their views at the conference. It also believes that companies and people who build the Web must be given a chance to decide the future of the Internet. Google has also begun the #freeandopen campaign for Internet users who want to express their support.

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