8 Ways to Strike Gold at the App Store This Holiday Season [Infographic]

8 Ways to Strike Gold at the App Store This Holiday Season [Infographic]

The holiday season is here and we are inching closer to Christmas! The spirit of celebration is in the air and we are all so full of cheer. We couldn’t have chosen a better time to roll out the 10th infographic in our information graphic series, which has been specially designed for app developers looking to maximize their revenue this holiday season.

8 Ways to Strike Gold at the App Store This Holiday Season provides an in-depth look at what causes the App Store’s sales to soar, and how app developers can make the most of the year-end spending frenzy to drive app downloads. It also reminds them about the App Store freeze – a period of time during which Apple stops accepting and reviewing applications, freezes app charts, and does not allow developers to modify or update existing apps. The information graphic provides insight and guidance on planning an App Store strategy for the holidays to make sales hit new highs.


Based on statistics in the infographic, 1.76 billion apps were downloaded globally during the 2012 holiday week, and more than 2 billion downloads are expected in 2013, with Christmas Day seeing huge sales. Daily downloads from the App Store increased by 87%, and iPad app downloads and revenues rose by 140% and 83%, respectively, on Christmas day in 2012.

In today’s market, apps need to have an edge to compete for a top spot in the App Store. App developers have to go beyond creation, to embrace the marketing end of their businesses. This means paying attention to optimizing their App Store listing, creating a strong holiday promotion plan, and maximizing the advertising budget and timing it to match promotions.

As a leading mobile app marketing firm, we have been helping our customers get their apps in the spotlight. We hope all developers capitalize on the opportunity to make more money by optimizing their apps for the holiday season. On this note, we would like to wish you an APPY Christmas and New Year!

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