App Optimization for iOS 7 [Infographic]

App Optimization for iOS 7 [Infographic]

This week, we have rolled out the 9th information graphic in our infographic series – App Optimization for iOS 7, which has been specially designed for iOS app developers. It offers insights on the new features and tools available in Apple’s latest OS, and encourages app developers (who have not yet made the iOS 7 leap) to move their apps forward to avoid providing users with an outdated app experience.

iOS 7 has widened the field of opportunities for app developers, and also paved the way for a redefined user experience. It lets developers rethink their apps, and vie again for top spots on the App Store, while allowing users to engage with apps at a whole new level. Our infographic addresses 3 major aspects: the need to optimize apps for iOS 7, the impact of not optimizing them, and the attributes which developers can capitalize on in the new OS.

App Optimization of iOS 7

iOS 7 is set to impress, on both the user and developer fronts. It has brought in more radical changes, challenges, and opportunities for growth than any of the previous iOS platform updates. App Optimization for iOS 7 reaches out to the community of mobile app developers who have not transitioned their apps and users to the latest version of iOS. Several apps which have not jump on the iOS 7 bandwagon have been hit hard with negative user reviews. We wanted to shed light on how the update can widen business horizons, and also help in providing users with a more compelling experience.

As a leading mobile app marketing firm that offers app optimization services, we have been analyzing apps, and providing developers with guidelines on redesigning or creating them for iOS 7. We have also recently launched an iOS app, Latest Tips, Tricks, and Secrets for iOS 7, which explores the lesser-known, but noteworthy features of Apple’s latest OS.

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