iPad Accounts for 94.64% of Tablet Web Traffic

iPad Accounts for 94.64% of Tablet Web Traffic

According to a recent report released by the online advertising network and web analytics firm Chitika, more than 94 percent of Web traffic from tablet devices comes from Apple’s iPad.

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The report says that the iPad accounted for nearly 94.64% of the total Web traffic among tablets whereas the Samsung Galaxy series held 1.22% of the overall tablet based Web traffic. Asus Transformer Prime stood almost equal to Samsung with 1.20%.

Motorola Xoom and the Playbook took the third and fourth places with 0.90% and 0.81% of traffic share respectively. Kindle Fire grabbed the fifth position with 0.80% while Barnes and Noble Nook came in last with less than 0.60% of tablet Web traffic.

Chitika said, “Going forward the competition is going to be hard pressed to find a way to overthrow the seemingly omnipotent Apple. Not only do they offer a great product they have the undying devotion of their enthusiasts.”

While speaking about the success of the iPad, Chitika said, “Apple produces a product that is both aesthetically pleasing and technologically robust.”

Chitika also mentioned in the report that the tablet has become a popular computing device and Asia will be a hot market for tablet devices in the near future.

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