iPhone Users More Likely to Use Wi-Fi Than Android Users

iPhone Users More Likely to Use Wi-Fi Than Android Users

According to new statistics released by the metrics firm comScore, iPhone users are significantly more likely to use Wi-Fi than Android users in the United States and the United Kingdom.

The Device Essentials Study, which was recently revealed by comScore showed that 71% of US iPhone users utilize both Wi-Fi and cellular networks while only 32% of US Android users use both the networks. This implies that the remaining 29% of US iPhone users and 68% of Android users connect to the Internet through their carrier’s network.

wi-fi users in us and uk

On the other hand, 87% of UK iPhone users use Wi-Fi and cellular networks while only 57% of UK Android users access both the networks. comScore says a mix of businesses and high speed wireless infrastructure have led to those differences in the United Kingdom.
The report took into account the share of unique smartphones connecting to operator and Wi-Fi networks, to reveal the Internet connection patterns across markets.

Serge Matta, comScore President of Operator and Mobile Solutions said, “As bandwidth usage increases and the spectrum becomes more scarce, operators, OEMs and others in the mobile ecosystem should understand the different dynamics between the use of mobile and Wi-Fi networks to develop strategies to optimize resources and provide their customers with continued high-quality network service.”

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