App User Testing

The process of testing applications up until now has been a luxury for those with pre-existing client bases, or deep enough pockets to contract with expensive marketing agencies. We have removed the obstacles for smaller developers, because we want to level the playing field, and are proud to introduce App User Testing.

How it Works

App User Testing is not only incredibly useful to developers large and small; it is astoundingly simple and effective. Application developers can submit their apps, and are invited to make specific inquiries about them for users’ consideration. Users then test out the submitted apps, rate them on specific criteria, and make additional notes for developers’ analytics. A full feedback report is then generated based on inputs provided by users.

iPhone App Marketing Strategies - App Audit

Submit Your App

Developers submit their applications quickly and easily, along with questions and/or specific instructions for test users.


iPhone App Marketing Strategies - App Audit

Testing Phase

Users are invited to test out applications, to record their experiences, and to rate applications according to specific criteria and overall usability.


iPhone App Marketing Strategies - App Audit

User Feedback Report

Comprehensive report with user feedback and suggestions to improve the app is provided to developers.


What you get from App User Testing?

If you are an Application Developer looking for a sounding board, App User Testing is your best opportunity to gain valuable feedback on a budget. App User Testing is a safe, convenient, flexible, and powerful nexus, an ingenious segue into App Development’€™s next historical phase. Come check it out!

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