GT Bicycles

Project Description

GT Bicycles is a premier brand of mountain bikes, BMX bikes, urban bikes and road bikes having their headquarters in Connecticut, United States. GT Bicycles was born with a simple vision: to help riders push the envelope of what’s possible on two wheels by creating the most reliable, innovative frames. GT Bicycles have an excellent offline presence, but their online visibility was substandard. They approached DCI to turn this around by building a strong online presence comparable to their offline presence.

The team of expert optimizers at DCI undertook research to identify the search terms for the site and devise a strategy to increase site positioning for the competitive keywords and improve the site’s performance. Next, the optimizers included external link strategy and a combination of proven marketing strategies leading to tremendous improvement in the site’s performance in organic search results and also in increasing the sales through online marketing.

The site achieved top rankings in all major search engines and still enjoys first page positions for many competitive keywords. There was a marked improvement in the number of leads generated and converted into business.

Keyword : GT
Ranking : Google # 1, Yahoo #2, Bing #2

Keyword : GT Bicycles
Ranking : Google #1, Yahoo #1, Bing #1

Location: USA

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