Crawl Worm Stretch & Dodge

Crawl Worm Stretch and Dodge lets players take control of a worm that needs to survive as long as possible the numerous onslaught of obstacles that come its way. From bladed wheels and rockets to fire chasms, players’ quick thinking, dexterity and reflexes will be challenged by this arcade game. The longer you survive, the higher your score and more worms can be unlocked as you progress.


Not many notable issues arose when we developed Crawl Worm Stretch and Dodge. Other than the usual glitches and bugs, there were also a few instances of crashing and hanging and memory management issues in the initial stages — but none that are too serious.

Our Solution

  • Our developer team at DCI anticipated memory management problems so we were able to quickly respond to it using standard tools provided by Swift.
  • As for the crashes and other performance-related problems, our team simply performed consistent testing of the app at various network speeds. This greatly mitigated downtime instances and other roots of instability.

Our Results

Overall, this is a game that we can safely say our team was able to smoothly create without encountering much turbulence along the way, so to speak. Of course, no app is ever created bug-free, but we are proud of the speed at which our developer team was able to address the challenges presented above. We can say that this game underwent solid development and testing before launch. And it shows in the update history (or lack thereof) of the app in its listing.

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