Project Description

FanEazy- AI-based fantasy sports team-building app

About the App

FanEazy, an AI-driven app for crafting fantasy sports teams, provides users with in-depth insights and analytics. By offering historical player data, detailed statistics, and AI assistance, FanEazy facilitates strategic decision-making, enhancing the overall fantasy sports experience.


  • Establishing brand presence in Indian market.
  • Acquiring diverse user base.
  • A balanced advertising approach.

Our Marketing Solution

DCI created an integrated marketing plan that includes social media advertising, user engagement activities, and App Store Optimization (ASO).


Dot Com Infoway’s detailed marketing strategy resulted in over 15,000 installs in two months through a cost-effective Google Play Store and social media campaign.  Diverse user acquisition channels, including organic, email, social, and sponsored initiatives, solidified strategic decision-making with advanced analytics and AI support, resulting in increased user engagement and brand success in the competitive Indian market.

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