Project Description

FYNCR – App for managing credit card bills easily.

About the App

The cutting-edge app Fyncr transforms credit card bill management by offering a one-stop shop with alluring incentives. With AUTOPAY, you can ensure smooth and safe transactions, avoid late fees, and earn FYX for amazing brand incentives. With top-notch security, Fyncr protects your bank information and provides a worry-free credit card management and payment experience. For more details, explore our comprehensive FYNCR App Marketing Portfolio.


  • Reaching the intended demographic, who typically use their credit cards to make larger purchases.
  • Gaining more users in the US in a little amount of time.
  • Interacting with users to raise lifetime value (LVT).

Our Marketing Solution

DCI implemented a comprehensive marketing plan that included targeted sponsored advertising, user interaction programmes, social media promotions, and App Store Optimisation (ASO).


Dot Com Infoway successfully acquired  25K+ installations in the US region and 10% through effective retargeting and user engagement activities.

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