The Ludo UI

Ludo is easily one of the most popular board games people usually play indoors. You may never remember a summer holiday without playing Ludo with your siblings, your cousins, or even with your parents.

The client approached us to build an exciting UI for the app “Ludo the Board Game”. The backend already existed. The challenge was to create a very eye-catching and smooth interface that would seamlessly gel with the backend. We took up the challenge.


All four sets of pieces must look unique with a solid, 3D look.

  • The game interface must contain bright and vibrant colours to distinguish between different sections and different states. Every element of the game must be distinctly visible. The dice must give a three-dimensional look.
  • The animation must be smooth and the graphics shouldn’t smudge during the animations. Although the entire Ludo board must be visible on the tiny phone screen, individual pieces should be easily movable with a finger.

Our Solution

The UI needed to have the following features:

  • The game accommodates four players with four sets of pieces. The UI has a consistent theme that looks modern and gives a feel of cutting-edge to the players.
  • Every individual screen looks unique while seems to belong to a singular theme. There are different icons to represent different features of the game, such as coins, diamonds, share icon, instant messaging icon, and much more.

Our Results

The client is extremely happy with the UI that we developed. The UI was exactly how they had expected, and, in some cases, we even exceeded their expectations. The UI, as the client says, truly represents the spirit of the Ludo board game. They are looking forward to launching the game.

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Hours of work
23 Tournaments
15 Game-Screen
2 Login
11 Store
3 Choose-Language
16 Game-Finished

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