Project Description

Healthinary is a hospital management app that is aimed at reducing the voluminous paperwork generated by hospitals. The multi-user app can be used by the Nurse, Doctor and Pharmacist to move the complete patient lifecycle at a hospital online.


  • Patient Readings – In the app, patient readings are colour coded for better visibility. For example, if the body temperature is above 100 degrees, the reading will blink with red colour.
  • Inventory – It is possible to maintain the stock of prescription drugs with real-time updates on dosage and duration of the course.
  • User Access – At any time, a user (Nurse or Doctor) can be made inactive by the Admin so that he or she no longer has access to any patient records.
  • Complete Security – This app’s API is developed using the Laravel framework with maximum level of security

Achievements of the App:

  • Reduced paperwork
  • Quick management of patient data
  • Improved user experience

Healthinary application is now all set to change the way the healthcare industry operates around the world.