Study Finds Chrome the Safest Browser

Study Finds Chrome the Safest Browser

A new study suggests that Chrome is the safest of the top three Web browsers.

The Accuvant LABS research team has come out with an extensive security evaluation report on Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Microsoft Internet Explorer. This report shows Chrome leading the way when it comes to modern security safeguards, Internet explorer taking the second spot and Firefox lagging behind them in several key areas.

chrome-browser-safetyThe conclusion of this report reads, “While both Google Chrome and Microsoft Internet Explorer implement the same set of anti-exploitation technologies, Google Chrome’s plug-in security and sandboxing architectures are implemented in a more thorough and comprehensive manner. Therefore, we believe Google Chrome is the browser that is most secured against attack.”

This study was funded by Google, but this report seems to be fair and accurate as Accuvant is a well-respected security firm.

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