Twitter Stories to Showcase the Most Powerful Tweets

Twitter Stories to Showcase the Most Powerful Tweets

Twitter has launched a new marketing initiative Twitter Stories to showcase the positive impact of the site.

Following the footsteps of Facebook Stories and Google Stories, Twitter has set up this new site and demonstrates the dramatic effects of tweets. This site even features the story of a man who got a kidney donor after his tweet, “[expletive], I need a kidney.” The micro-blogging giant has also chosen to highlight several well-known celebrities and brands in the stories it picked.

“Each story reminds us of the humanity behind Tweets that make the world smaller,” Twitter wrote on its blog. “Read about a single Tweet that helped save a bookstore from going out of business; an athlete who took a hundred of his followers out to a crab dinner; and, Japanese fishermen who use Twitter to sell their catch before returning to shore.”

Twitter users can submit their stories by mentioning @twitterstories or by tweeting with the hashtag #twitterstories.

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