Update IE 6 for WordPress 3.2

Update IE 6 for WordPress 3.2

The popular open-source blogging platform WordPress has dropped support for IE 6 with its latest Version 3.2.

WordPress is a popular open-source content management system (CMS) developed by Automattic, an American web development corporation. Automattic has updated this CMS to Version 3.2 with a code name ‘Gershwin’. It has a new default theme called Twenty Eleven, an HTML5 powered version. There is also a full screen writing mode called ‘Zen’, which fades all the buttons and interface elements to white. Zen allows users to concentrate purely on writing.

With Gershwin, WordPress has lost some weight at the cost of compatibility. It has removed the support for PHP4, Internet Explorer 6 and versions of MySQL prior to 5.0. According to web development experts, Gershwin is a fine release that comes with some much-needed improvements to the platform.

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