Vulnerability Assessment/Penetration Testing

We can help you discover how vulnerable your technology architecture is, and to what extent can these vulnerabilities be exploited to cause damage.


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Make Your IT Assets Impenetrable

The main highlights of the vulnerability assessment and penetration testing services that we provide.

We provide a wide selection of open source security tools, indigenously developed technologies, and highly regarded commercial security tools. These combinations allow us to provide you the maximum coverage, providing you impermeable protection from existing as well as future threats. These include


Open Source Security Tools

  • SONARQUBE: A SAST static analysis testing methodology to go through the source code of your application and make sure that all security holes are plugged.
  • OWASP ZAP: A DAST analysis method to find vulnerabilities in your web applications.
  • POSTMAN: Security testing for APIs.
  • NMAP: Determining network weaknesses through pre-emptive hacking.
  • Metasploit: One of the best hacking tools for vulnerability scanning.
  • ModSecurity: Protects your web applications against cyber attacks.
  • Nikto: One of the most widely used web application vulnerability scanners.
  • Microsoft Threat Modelling: Identify and mitigate potential threat issues when developing software in the Microsoft Azure environment.

Commercial Security Tools

  • SAST
    • CheckMarx: Identify, track and repair technical and logical flaws in the source code to remove vulnerabilities, compliance issues and business logic problems.
    • Microfocus Forty: Find security issues early on when building software and speed up the development process.
    • Coverity: Track and manage risks across your entire spectrum of software applications. Address security and quality defects early when developing software.
  • DAST
    • HP WebInspect: Thoroughly analyze your web applications and web services for security vulnerabilities.
    • Burp Suite: A penetration testing and vulnerability finder tool to check your web application security.
    • Veracode: It can test thousands of web applications simultaneously but its best strength is remediation with actionable data.
    • HCL AppScan: A family of web security testing and monitoring tools. Find security vulnerabilities during the development process and fix problems that can turn out to be quite expensive if remain unfixed.

Tools that we use

  • HOLM SECURITY (vulnerability management solutions)

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