Webinar Highlights: Why Is SEO Marketing Important for A Startup?

Webinar Highlights: Why Is SEO Marketing Important for A Startup?

Dot Com Infoway recently presented a comprehensive webinar on “Why is SEO Marketing Important for a Startup?”. We had an excellent turnout and we received a number of questions during the session which speaks for the fact that many startups require focused guidance on their SEO strategies.

The 45-minute session, which was conducted by Ms. Mercy Livingstone – Head of the Search Engine Marketing Team, covered a number of salient aspects of building an effective SEO campaign and why each of these aspects are crucial to a startup’s online reputation and presence. Some of the key takeaways from this seminar included:

  • What is the current landscape of SEO from the perspective of a startup and what that means in terms of building a sustainable audience.
  • The importance of Mobility and Responsive Web Design, and the possible fallout from failing to implement it.
  • Content development and delivery, and how they can impact your rankings and audience reach.
  • Learning to identify problems in your strategy, and fixing them before they can dent your online reputation
  • Using data analytics and user behaviours to identify the possible pathways to increased user engagement, and the best tools to aid you in user behaviour and data analytics.
  • Importance of Local SEO strategies to achieve focused targeting and increased conversions.

You can view the SlideShare of our Webinar here:

You can also listen to the entire session here: