Will Apple Launch a Smart Watch?

Will Apple Launch a Smart Watch?

Reports reveal that Apple and Intel are working together for the release of iWatch in 2013.

Will Apple Launch a Smart iWatch

iWatch is expected to be a bluetooth-enabled watch with a 1.5-inch OLED screen. People will be able to send messages, email and use Facebook using iWatch. Users will also be able to communicate with their iPhone and other devices using Bluetooth.

There have always been rumors about Apple and its devices. Long before Apple revealed its latest iPhones and iPads to the public, people knew almost exactly what they would look like and what kind of features they would have. Similar sources are speculating about the new iWatch says Business Insider.

Sources also claim that ‘wearable computing’ is a well-known concept for futurists. Apple might eventually join the league says analyst Gene Munster. Apple is spending billions of dollars on projects that no one outside the company knows about. It is speculated that Intel came up with the concept and Apple is now “interested” in implementing it. There are debates if Apple’s current iOS devices that use microchip designs from ARM will switch to Intel.

In recent years, Apple seems to be the world’s most valuable company, and it conquers its own product lines. The iPhones overtook iPods, and now iPads are replacing Mac desktops and laptops. Eventually, Apple has found out a way to replace its smartphones with this new iWatch.

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