Apple's App Store Policy Changes Leaves Developers Upset

Apple's App Store Policy Changes Leaves Developers Upset

Apple’s App Store policy has gone through a major make over. It is a simple change that has left so many thinking, “Why did it take so much time for Apple to come up with this policy change that finally seems sensible?” What is the change all about? Pretty Simple concept: users cannot write App Store reviews for an application  with a promo code given by a developer.  This comes as a major blow to some of the developers because many of them had the habit of handing out free promo codes to attract new users to try out their application and getting a good review.

Apple has taken this step to enhance the quality of its App Store applications hoping that it would bring in unbiased reviews from the users. But the restriction seems to apply only for apps that are downloaded recently because Federico Viticci of MacStories has succeeded in reviewing an app that was downloaded using a promo code. Another way to review and rate apps is by using a gift card.  Imagine a developer who gives gift cards to people in the hope of getting some favourable  reviews. But the developer can’t be so sure that the gift card will be utilized to purchase his/her app. The receiver could take it for granted and use it on an MP3 or another app.

Apple has made some of the developers a little unhappy with its policy revamp. But this way, Apple could ensure a steady flow of really good apps into its App store and get real feedbacks in future.

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