Are your marketing goals far beyond the black stump?

With revenue from mobile apps, it was estimated that by the end of 2017 the figure was $63.5 billion, and it is pertinent to have an efficient app marketing strategy. A well-planned app marketing strategy can help you:

  • 01

    Create a buzz around your app

  • 02

    Plan pre-launch and post-launch activities for maximum engagement

  • 03

    Create a comprehensive marketing plan tailored to your business

  • 04

    Run viral promotional campaigns

  • 05

    Engage users and monitise better



An average Australian uses 36 apps per month. However, with millions of apps crowding the app stores, can you ensure that your app will make a mark?

The app world is highly competitive and even the best apps need a stellar marketing strategy to reach out to their target audience.

At Dot Com Infoway (DCI), we have a team of mobile app marketing experts in Sydney with an in-depth understanding of mobile and digital media supplemented by creative thinking and immense technical knowledge. As a leading Android and iOS mobile app marketing agency in Sydney, we offer our clients a range of professional mobile app marketing services across digital platforms and verticals

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Mr. Richard Giuliano

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Richard is the Australian Sales Director at DCI. He is a seasoned individual who understands technology and comes equipped with a good set of skills to interpret how a product can meet customer needs.

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Mobile App Marketing Services We Offer

Need more installs for your App? Get to know more about what our app marketing experts in Sydney, Australia provide to creating app marketing success for Mobile App Startups, Enterprise Businesses and Brands.


Know the viability of your mobile app even before you design it with our ace consultation services.

User Engagement

Acquiring users is not enough for a healthy app. We help you keep your audience engaged through creative push notifications, in-app purchases, persona-based segmentation and remarketing services that ensure your users stick to your app, and also put in a good word to friends and family!

Social Media

We curate a well-planned social media strategy for your app to make it visible and revered on top social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and many more.

Pre-launch App Marketing

We run pre-registration campaigns to create a buzz around your app even before it is launched to ensure an encouraging response.

User Acquisition

Our paid and organic marketing services are aimed at acquiring maximum users for your app in a short time. We use viral marketing, influencer marketing, paid ads and traditional marketing channels to take your app to the right audience in the shortest possible time.

Public Relations

Our PR distribution service targets reputed online publications to increase your brand visibility through well-written articles and blog posts about your upcoming app.

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Our Process for Marketing Your Mobile App

How Can Mobile App Marketing Benefit You?

  • Ensure that your app is well-received by your target audience
  • Increase the visibility of your app on the Apple Store and Google Play
  • Full marketing support to keep your users engaged throughout the sales funnel
  • Send personalized reminders, event invitations, discount offers, etc., to individuals or groups at just a tap on your mobile.
  • 24/7 technical support to keep your app running in top shape

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How we market your app?

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Why Choose Dot Com Infoway for Your Mobile App Marketing?

As a leading mobile app marketing company in Sydney, Dot Com Infoway has around two decades of experience in the industry. Having served [1000+] clients over the years, we have the expertise to understand the nuisances of your business and deliver Android as well as iOS mobile app marketing solutions that are customized to your requirements, so that you get the maximum return on your investment.

We use the right amount of creativity and technical knowledge to create apps that meet your business objectives and offer seamless support throughout the deployment, and later, to ensure a great customer experience.

Get in touch to know how we can transform your business.

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