6 Fundamental Tips for Android Application Developers

6 Fundamental Tips for Android Application Developers


Android is one of the greatest players in the mobile market. There is a lot to get excited about the features of the Android OS. What makes Android unique is that it is an open source platform that offers a great environment for developing applications.

Android-based smartphones have become a rage all over the world and every day several new applications are being created for the Android operating system. More than 50,000 Android apps have been created till date and Android app developers are the people behind the growth of the Android app market.

If you are an Android application developer looking to develop some great apps, this post is for you.

Android apps developers tips

Here are some fundamental tips to help you develop innovative Android applications:

Focus on the End User

When you develop an app, keep the end user in mind. Think of what people need from your app and how they will use it in real life. Generally, apps may serve different purposes from entertainment to productivity. As an Android application developer, be clear about what kind of app you are going to develop and what kind of services you are ready to offer to your end users. Get to know the demand of the target users and start developing applications suitable for their needs. If possible, brainstorm or conduct surveys before you actually get into the process of developing Android applications.

Create a Timeline

Being an Android application developer, you have to make sure that you deliver the app within the time frame. If you take a long time to release your app, it may get outdated by the time you do so. Hence, estimate how long it is going to take for you to create an app before you start your project. Create a timeline for your project and build it acoording to the complexity of the app. Break down your app’s progress into several distinct phases and complete each phase within the deadline.

Target Different Screen Sizes

An important aspect to take care in Android application development is that an app made for one specific screen of an Android phone may not look good in another Android smartphone. Many of the popular Android phones have their own resolutions and screen sizes. So, you, as an Android application developer should not stick to a single screen size. Be aware of the different kinds of screens of various mobile devices and develop games and applications that properly fit on all popular Android screens.

Provide Intuitive Navigation

The way you place the controls and graphical images show the style of your development. Try to impart attractive and appealing navigational controls to your Android application. Do not put too many cluttered rich buttons in your app. Use buttons and controls that suit the functionality of the app. People like apps which are easy to use and have less controls. Hence, try to create a user friendly app that satisfies the requirements of users. One of the basic things to remember here is to develop an application which does not focus around a central location like the ‘home’ screen.

Use the Latest Android SDK Versions

Use the latest Android platform available to keep your application up-to-date. As an Android platform evolves, some of the old features are improved or replaced with better options. Some options may receive bug fixes and performance-wise improvements. The latest versions of the platform offer something new to Android app developers. Hence, find out about the latest that is available in the platform and make use of the best features to create a good application.

Sharpen Your Programming Skills

An application developer should be well versed with programming languages for coding. You must be able to design and write code from the scratch, to develop applications that perform complex tasks. You must have a strong knowledge in JAVA and other object oriented programming languages. Keep updating your programming knowledge and skills too, to sustain in the competitive field of application development. Make sure that the app you develop is compatible with at least three versions of Android OS and ensure that it does not crash in the lower versions of Android.

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