Free Influencer Marketing Webinar: How to Measure & Optimize ROI

Free Influencer Marketing Webinar: How to Measure & Optimize ROI


Dot Com Infoway, Top Mobile & Internet Marketing Agency is organizing an in-depth webinar on Influencer Marketing.

Today, brands are always looking for newer ways to reach out to their audiences, and in a world dominated by social media, influencer marketing is perhaps one of the best ways for brands to hold a conversation with their audience.

According to stats, 92 percent people trust a social media influencer more than the most famous celebrity.

Influencers are people with high social impact whom companies are increasingly turning to for promoting their products subtly. Influencers aren’t limited to celebrities but also include popular bloggers, vloggers, and netizens with large fan followings.

The reason why influencer marketing works are that it is unlike a traditional advertisement. The endorsement of a brand by an influencer is generally projected to be effortless. An influencer projects the brand to be his or her personal choice, something they would have used anyway, whether they were paid for it or not. However, despite all the benefits, there is one issue that plagues marketers when it comes to influencer marketing. Because it is a very fluid form of marketing, marketers find it hard to measure the ROI of their influencer marketing campaigns.

In order to help marketers get over this hurdle, Dot Com Infoway is organizing an in-depth webinar on the topic Measure & Optimize ROI with Influencer Marketing” on 31 May 2018 at 3:00 pm IST / 9:30 am GMT.

Influencer Marketing Webinar

Key takeaways from the Webinar:

  • Why is influencer marketing important for brands looking to grow?
  • How brands can leverage success with influencer marketing
  • Key strategies & platforms you must know
  • Best practices for optimal ROI

Apart from understanding the importance of influencer marketing in making brands grow, the seminar will touch upon techniques to leverage influencer marketing in your campaigns and how to measure the effectiveness of those campaigns as well. Since the reach of influencer marketing is mainly organic, it can be difficult to measure the ROI unless you have the right KPIs in place. These include numbers such as website views, referral visitors (people who visit your website through your influencer’s work) and the social media reach of your brand. Each of these topics and more would be deconstructed during the seminar to help you plan your marketing spend and track your influencer marketing ROI effectively.

The webinar, hosted by Leadsquared, a top lead conversion platform for businesses, will be moderated by Mr. Raja Manoharan, Vice President – Marketing at Dot Com Infoway, a CMMI Level 3 multinational IT company.

With a certification from IIM Kozhikode on Executive Marketing Program, Raja has 10+ years of hands-on internet and mobile marketing experience. He is known for his innovative, enthusiastic and results-oriented marketing approach. Raja has worked closely with 500+ international customers and has helped them execute their mobile marketing projects successfully.

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