How Offshore App Development & Marketing Teams Bridge the Productivity Gap COVID-19 Causes

How Offshore App Development & Marketing Teams Bridge the Productivity Gap COVID-19 Causes


The coronavirus impact almost everyone around the globe is feeling remains unrelenting. This could not be more apparent in the economic effects of the necessary lockdowns that numerous governments around the world imposed. Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) undoubtedly bear the most brunt, especially if they do not find efficient workarounds fast.

Are you finding it hard to look for an efficient team to handle your mobile app development or marketing campaigns, for instance? In these trying times, it’s understandable that you would struggle a bit in finding exceptional IT agencies and companies to work with. Perhaps, you haven’t considered contacting an offshore team that you can work with? Know that this option will always be available to you, and most of the time, they’re just as good (if not better) than the most companies limited in your area or country.

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What Is an Offshore Team?

A competent offshore app development and app marketing team can provide valuable assistance in helping businesses keep their operations afloat by simply providing them with a ready team to work with. Make no mistake, when we are talking about offshore teams, we are definitely referring to those working for companies with an already well-established WFH setup that is already good to go and can weather the storm of this crisis.

It’s important to assert that not all outsourcing entities had the same level of preparedness when the coronavirus crisis struck. A lot of entities were taken by surprise – and plenty of weaknesses in their framework were exposed. Some do not even have a reliable work-from-home strategy and platform for their employees.

So when we say offshore teams, these are the ones that truly stand out because they have been prepared to handle these disruptions for years now. How? Well, for one, our team in Dot Com Infoway is already entirely working remotely for the duration of the crisis, yet it’s like business as usual for us and our clients. We have a highly skilled and experienced team of dedicated developers to prove it.

How Our Offshore Team Will Help Address COVID-19 Instability?

One of the main challenges that the COVID-19 presented is the need to practice social distancing to curb its spread. This has caused plenty of businesses to close down or work with a very skeletal team to at least continue operation, albeit in an extremely limited capacity. In turn, this facilitated the necessity of setting up work-from-home arrangements in industries and companies that can afford to adopt them.

However, as you are probably already aware by now, not all companies and individuals are able to do this optimally and even properly. Certain fundamental processes of your business may have suffered already as a result of this, which can be damaging to productivity. It’s also not just a question of availability but competence and preparedness as well. That said, this is how our offshore team helps your business.

  • We Will Assign a Team of Dedicated Developers and Marketing Experts to You

To mitigate the effects of the interruptions arising from the coronavirus threat, we will be assigning a team of dedicated developers to you. This means all their time and efforts will be invested in your project, assuring no less than the best productivity and experience even if everyone will be in a WFH setup. Our team has been well-trained in such an arrangement for a long time now, so expect minimal to no disruptions as we work together.

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Are You Looking for a Creative Solution for Managing This COVID-19 Crisis and to Mitigate Your Business Obstacles Now?

We at Dot Com Infoway develop a team-oriented mindset with our clients, after all, and we make sure to give you sound advice as you continue your partnership with us. We will help you see openings and other opportunities that you might otherwise miss. And this goes for both app development and marketing.

  • We Know How to Make the Most out of Technology to Keep Everything Running Smoothly

Our collaboration tools have been honed and developed over the years, and every team member has been trained on how to use them. It allows us to easily keep track of their performance as they go about their tasks. We also have tools that handle reporting and spot checks

Rest assured that we will maintain optimal mediums of communication throughout the entire project as well. Video conferences and team calls can all be done without too much worry about syncing everyone because we have been doing it for years. All of the technology we use has been assessed based on their efficiency and usefulness to the team. Some companies, even now, are still pondering what WFH setup works best for them – we have a Work From Home model that we are already confident in.

  • You Can Save a Lot More If You Choose Our Offshore Team

Understandably, you are probably looking to cut costs as much as possible to assure business continuity. This is precisely why we are offering our years of app development and marketing expertise to businesses who are looking for help that rivals and trumps the ones offered in their locale. Feel free to ask us about our competitive rates, and we will happily share them to you. We are sure that you will be able to make the most out of your money with the help of our team without, rightly so, breaking the bank.

  • We Will Help You See Opportunities for Continuous Growth Even in These Turbulent Times

Another very compelling advantage that you can gain when you work with our experienced professional offshore team is that you will be working with people who will take the liberty to give share insights to help ensure your business’s growth.

When it comes to helping businesses for improvement, we are always willing to lend a helping hand. This is especially true in these uncertain times when we all have to work together to get through this with as few negative effects and damage to your enterprise as possible. With our help, we will make sure you realize what makes an offshore team really exceptional even in the face of seemingly herculean challenges.

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