How to Create a Great Buzz Around Your Event Using Promotional Campaigns

How to Create a Great Buzz Around Your Event Using Promotional Campaigns


Promotion is an art form that has many avenues to create attention. If your event is drifting into obscurity because it’s being under promoted, it’s time to do something about it. It’s highly important to follow certain event marketing strategies and there’s a lot you can do to create excitement and buzz for an upcoming event. However, it does require thinking about the type of audience you hope to attract and what their attendance at your event could do for them. This is what you must sell to them.


Emphasize How the Event Will Benefit the Audience

As exciting as your event may be to your company this is not the most compelling thing to your audience. Your audience cares about one thing, and one thing only. How will your event make their life better, easier, more fun, or more convenient? That’s what you have to build your buzz around. These are the things that will create more excitement about your promotional campaign. Your marketing should rest on how your event will impact lives.

Do Something Your Competitors Have Never Done Before

Take a bold stance and paint a picture of a future that displays all the benefits that your event will showcase. Put your whole brand into motion and create a vision that keeps your audience’s rapt attention. People need to anticipate your event and even wonder what new things will be unveiled as a result. You can be creative with this one. You can even plan an event in anticipation of your event. To keep it simple, it could be something that happens online. Build as much excitement and anticipation around your event as possible. Whatever you do, think out of the box and go beyond the competition.

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Use Social Media to Build Excitement

Take the days and weeks leading up to your event to tell your brand’s story. Use the art of persuasion and appeal to convince people that your event is one that shouldn’t be missed. If it will benefit a charitable cause, include that too. You may even consider partnering with another company that is better known than you are to borrow some of their credibility. People will pay attention just by pure association. You can use social media to make short posts about the partnership and why your event is a can’t miss function.


There are many things you can do to build excitement and buzz about an upcoming event. Many of the strategies require a certain level of creativity and innovation as well as a desire to think outside the box. Sell your audience on how the event will add to their lives. You should do this in a way that sets you apart from the competition. Don’t be afraid to be bold and different. Don’t forget to use your social media account to promote your brand and the event as well. If you are partnering with a brand that has greater credibility or is better known, mention the affiliation on your social media. Pull out all the stops and the buzz for your event will truly make some noise.

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