DCI launched Event Marketing Services to Garner Maximum Audience for Your Events

DCI launched Event Marketing Services to Garner Maximum Audience for Your Events

Events form a massive part of a business’s marketing strategy – they help to bring the brand to the people, stir communication and build trust in the brand or service being promoted. However, marketing an event to reach out to your targeted audience in a set timeframe is a different ball game altogether. While businesses spend a lot of time in planning and organizing an event, many lack the expertise to effectively promote their events. Often, businesses may even fall short of time to promote their event properly. This, in turn, will lead to lesser awareness amongst the consumers, defeating one of the main objectives of organizing an event in the first place.

To help clients achieve their marketing objectives, Dot Com Infoway, a leading digital marketing agency across the globe, has recently launched dedicated event marketing services to help companies garner maximum audience for their events.

But how can companies market their event to the right audience in the least time and budget?

The answer is simple – reach out to your target audience on the digital media platforms they prefer. DCI has over 15 years of experience in positioning brands online. Over the years, we have built a highly experienced team to handle event promotions for our clients on relevant social media platforms.

Through highly curated and strategized content such as press releases, contextual ads, email campaigns, blogs and attractive event pages, we ensure the news about your upcoming events reaches the maximum number of people who are interested in your service. Choosing an expert event marketing service such as DCI to promote your events will ensure a great buzz around your event, promising huge attendance and success.

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