Webinar on How to Grow Your Business to 10X by Building a Mobile App

Webinar on How to Grow Your Business to 10X by Building a Mobile App


According to Statista, mobile applications revenue is estimated to get to $190 million by 2020. This is a clear indicator of how massive the use of mobile apps is and will be over time. Well, you should not bury your head in the sand just because you are unfamiliar on how to make this work for you.


For this reason, I find it tactical to take you through some key steps to help you grow your business 10 times better.

In-depth Research

Do you wish to get the best results from your mobile app? If this is the case then you ought to undertake thorough research. This implies that you have to take some time to understand customer needs. From here, you will be able to get a clear picture of what is expected in the market.

Moreover, this step enables you to learn more about your competition. Remember, there are countless applications out there targeting the same users as you are. For this reason, you need to employ the best tactics.

Build a Native App

If you really desire to grow your business in the current market status, it is inevitable that you come up with a native app. Basically, a native app is a software that is built to operate on a specific platform such as Android or iOS.

Having said this, you will realize that the application helps to market your products to your customers. The beauty of native apps is that it makes it easy for customers to access all the services offered by your business. For instance, users can be able to look through the variety of products and make an order.

App Management

Aside from coming up with a brilliant business app, it is prudent that you learn how to manage the activities. Essentially, you are tasked with coming up with upgrades and making use of analytical data. All this is done with the aim of ensuring that you get maximum output from your application.

Improve Customer Services

What better way to improve customer service experience than having a customized app. You should note that the application gives a ripe opportunity to understand customer needs. How is this achieved? Well, you can obtain real-time feedback from the customers thus get to improve on the services.


The advent of mobile application has further made it possible to market your entity via branding. You can come up with a logo that will be used as the image of the business. Through this, you get to increase your visibility in the lucrative market.


One of the pivotal points of building your business is coming up with loyal customers. Luckily, you can use your customized mobile app to keep tabs of your loyal customers. What you do is to entice them with amazing offers and deals in order to promote loyalty. Remember, these users help to market your products and app indirectly.

All said and done, you ought to consider getting the best app developers and designers to assist in deliberating the desired results.

For this and more insight on how to grow your business by building a mobile app, do reserve a slot today for the upcoming training by our esteemed leader Mr. Chella Shankar which will be held on 7th December at 4.00pm.

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