How to Unleash Your Brand Through Content Marketing

How to Unleash Your Brand Through Content Marketing


Most companies today are using digital marketing platforms to reach their customers. This is because more customers are using their smartphones to get information about products as well as to shop for products. As a result of this content marketing has become a central marketing strategy to provide valuable information and to get more customers to purchase. Your brand, therefore, requires an effective content strategy in order to generate leads and improve sales.


With that said, the following are 10 steps to unleash your brand through content marketing.

1. Create a Content Strategy

Prior planning is the crucial starting point for an effective content marketing strategy. You will need to create a content calendar that will act as a guide to help you focus on all the steps of producing and marketing your content. Some of the tools to help you with your content scheduling include Google calendar, CoSchedule, and Asana. These will help you manage the production of your content and ensure you achieve your goals in each step of your content marketing strategy.

2. Establish Your KPIs

To achieve your goals, you need to make them measurable. A key performance indicator is a quantifiable value attached to your goals that will help establish whether you have successfully met your goals or not Depending on what you set to achieve, some of the metrics you can use include monthly sales, number of qualified leads and return on investment. KPIs will also allow you to set goals that you want to achieve. For instance, you may target to get a certain number of shares or comments for your online content. Or it could be a given number of email subscriptions.

3. Understand Your Audience

Before setting out on your content marketing, you need to know who your audience is Understanding your audience will help create valuable content that meets their needs. There are various ways to get to know your audience. First, you can collect demographic data of your email subscribers, website visitors and social media followers from Google analytics. Some of the demographic data you can acquire include gender and age of your audience.

You can also collect feedback from your customers to better understand your audience needs. From the customer feedback, you can easily create your buyer personas. Buyer personas help you to tailor your content towards your audience by understanding their needs and wants. Your buyer personas should include your customer’s pain points.

This way you can create content that appeals to your customers’ emotions since emotions impact on buying decisions. Your content should also be able to solve the challenges faced by your audience. People respond better to content that helps them to solve their problems.

4. Use Various Types of Content

Using multiple types of content will boost your engagement and reach. While most people read social media posts and blogs, limiting your content to these two types will reduce the number of prospective customers you reach. Research has shown that more people prefer visual content and listening to content today than it was in the past. Such content is more engaging and keeps visitors on your site for longer.

Using content channels like videos, whitepapers, podcasts, white papers, and newsletters will, therefore, generate leads and improve sales. It is also essential to consider infographics as they can help increase web traffic by about 12%.

5. Allocate Resources

Once you have decided on the type of content to create you will need to set a budget for your content marketing strategy. Your budget should include the cost of building and maintaining content as well as the tools and resources required for your digital marketing strategy. Given that content marketing generates three times more leads compared to outbound marketing, it is advisable to allocate a good amount of your budget to content marketing.


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6. Create Online and Offline Content

To get the most out of your content, you need to engage your audience both online and offline. Even though more people are using smartphones to access online content, offline content marketing remains an effective strategy to reach your target audience. Some of the offline content to use for marketing your brand include printed flyers, traditional mails, and in-store signs and posters.

7. Market Your Content

For your content marketing to be effective, you need to promote it You can use your website, social media, email marketing, and other digital marketing platforms to promote your content to a broader audience. You can also connect with influencers to get your content noticed. And if you have a bigger budget, paying to promote your content can be rewarding. This can be through Facebook ads and Reddit ads.

8. Study Analytics

The content you created in the past can help you build stronger and better content in the future Measuring the performance of your content will help determine the best performing and nonperforming posts. This can help you replace the nonperforming posts with better ones, or you could still improve on them.

Also, studying analytics will help you understand what your audience likes the most This way you can create content that is tailored to their taste and preferences. You can use Google Analytics to measure your KPIs and see which goals you have achieved and those you have not.

9. Find Ways to Repurpose Content

Repurposing content involves reusing content for a purpose other than its original use In some cases, your content may not perform as good as other content. This may not necessarily mean the content is poor. It could be that the content was presented in a wrong context.

Repurposing allows you to redeem your low performing content by using converting it to a format that your audience will like it better. It also helps you reach a wider audience while maximizing your efforts and time. You can repurpose your content in many ways. For instance, webinars can be converted to video tutorials, Cleora 08A to blog posts, internal data to case studies just to name a few.

10. Build a Social Media Audience

Social media is the most effective digital marketing channel for your content. Besides it is easy to use and free of charge. So if you are not using social media channels for your business, then you are losing many customers to your competitors. It’s time you use social media to reach your audience. You can easily create a social media audience and a loyal following by sharing exciting quality content. You can also participate by engaging in groups related to your niche.


In order to have an effective content marketing strategy, you need to have measurable goals, create content geared towards your target audience and market it aggressively. With that, it will be a matter of time before you unleash your brand with content marketing.

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