How to Write SEO Content to Dominate Google’s RankBrain

How to Write SEO Content to Dominate Google’s RankBrain


Google’s RankBrain is the new force to be reckoned with. Simply speaking, Google’s RankBrain was created to produce more relevant returns from search results. It was created in 2015. RankBrain is an AI algorithm that analyzes search terms to uncover, as concisely as possible, what a user is truly searching for. In other words, it seeks to discover intent in order to provide the user with the most relevant results to their query. As a result, SEO content should be written with this in mind in order to drive the right users to the right sites, based on their search queries. Several tips can be utilized to make sure that your site can improve its ranking with Google Rank Brain.

Google Rank Brain


Focus On Your Content

  • RankBrain gives preference to content that’s an exact match from a query. As a result, make sure that you are not producing generic content for fear of isolating your users.
  • Keep in mind that your users will not conduct generic searches for something they are specifically looking for.
  • Your Content should be focused.
  • Tools like Google Keyword Planner can help you find relevant keyword phrases that point you in the direction of the type of content you need to create.
  • Use the keywords in a query to see what other ideas you can come up with.
  • Steps like these will help you to create the user-driven content that will draw the right audience and help RankBrain send users your way every time a particular keyword phrase is used.

How to Research/Discover Useful Keywords

Know your industry through the use of helpful content ideation tools. This helps you to create content that your audience has indicated that they want. You don’t want to guess or draw from your own imagination. Do your research and use tools to help you achieve this. There are a variety of tools that you can use to accomplish this;

  • Quora (Let’s you know what users are looking for)
  • Buzzsumo (Tells you what’s trending all over the world and what’s being shared on a massive level)
  • Ahref (Trending)
  • Google+ Communities (Find out what different communities are talking about)
  • Google’s Search Prediction Algorithm (Can Provide Additional Related Search Topics)
  • Answer the Public (This tool collects Google’s search query suggestions and provides hundreds of ideas in an easy to read results page>)
  • Google AdWords Keyword Planner
  • HubSpot’s Blog Topic Generator (This method will produce hundreds of ideas that you can look through and choose from)
  • Portent’s Content Idea Generator (Headline writer that can provide ideas for content)
  • KW Finder (Will produce data on search traffic, most popular URLs, cost per click, and information on traffic from the past year)

Be Mobile Friendly

  • Mobile technology is the way of the world now.
  • Most of your users will more than likely utilize mobile devices.
  • You need to know what mobile users value and you can’t if you’re not mobile friendly.
  • Give consideration to mobile voice searches by paying attention to long search phrases, which are considered keywords in mobile voice search queries.
  • Use long keyword phrases in your content so that RankBrain recognizes you when similar queries are used.
  • Meet the needs of the continuously growing mobile user force by optimizing your site for mobile friendliness.

Optimize Headlines & Descriptions

  • Keyword optimized titles and descriptions outshine title tags and meta descriptions by producing above average conversions.
  • Avoid generic titles and meta descriptions and use every opportunity to enhance your content with highly specific keywords that speak to RankBrain and, of course, users.
  • Avoid generic titles and descriptions that don’t grab attention in any way and utilize keywords that will create emotional triggers that keep users clicking.
  • These methods will increase both click-through rates and conversions.
  • Conduct your research by utilizing a variety of different methods like testing new headlines with paid search ads and social media updates that use a variety of different headlines to link to your site.
  • These methods will reveal the headline winners, making it a clear choice to eliminate the headlines that don’t make don’t produce any traffic.

Optimize Your Site for Higher Conversion Rates

  • Google can measure and track any traffic that visits your site as well as whether or not this traffic converts.
  • There are different ways to measure conversion rates: If you are trying to push a particular piece of content Google will look at how long a user spends on your site engaging with the content and this can also function as a way to measure conversion rates.
  • Longer engagement usually correlates to more interest and higher relevance.
  • Google tracks user behavior through a wide variety of Google-owned products like; Youtube, Chrome, Android, Gmail, Google Maps, Google Play, and Google search.
  • These products give Google a unique view into the search queries of users, making it clear whether or not signed in users have found what they were searching for or not.
  • Strive for higher engagement metrics that include queries, device types, locations and even time of day. These factors will help you outrank the competition.
  • RankBrain will rate your site’s content more favorably if you have a lower bounce rate and a higher conversion rate.

Google’s RankBrain will get the right users to your site if you produce SEO driven content that truly reflects what your users are looking for. Skip the safe generic content, and opt for more specific concentrated content that captures the attention of your users and holds it. It will keep them coming back for more and improve your RankBrain rankings by leaps and bounds.

RankBrain’s key function is to sniff out the most relevant search results by using artificial intelligence to achieve this. Boost your engagement metrics, optimize your headlines and descriptions, and opt for headlines and descriptions that will trigger an emotional response in your users. Conduct research to determine the most appropriate content for your audience and produce focused user-driven content. Furthermore, make sure your site is mobile friendly and optimized for higher conversion rates and you will watch your RankBrain rankings improve.

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