How to Increase Brand Engagement on Mobile Apps

How to Increase Brand Engagement on Mobile Apps


For businesses nowadays, campaign success is often determined by engagement. Brand engagement refers to consumer engagement with a certain brand — how aware they are of the brand and how much time they spent on it. Usually, this is measured through traffic and social media engagement.

However, mobile apps have grown exponentially since the boom of the internet. This is also one of the reasons why selling mobile apps today is pretty much difficult without app marketing strategies. So what are the ways you can use to effectively increase your brand engagement?

Make an Impression

Impress consumers the first time they download your app by building an app that is simple yet delightful and useful to them. So how do you make a good impression with your users?

Become a quality app provider — If you make quality mobile apps, you won’t need plenty of apps marketing to monetize. Users will keep coming back because you give them a good reason to.
Don’t overwhelm them — Introducing too many features can overwhelm users. Try to highlight the most important and basic app features they can use and gradually promote some more as they use the app.
Let them feel welcome — Making the users feel that you care – even with a free app – is one of the best ways to make them feel appreciated. The simple act of giving them assurance that you’ll be there to see them through any glitch while using the app would make them feel welcomed.
Make everything simple — If users find your app very easy to use, they are more likely to use it. Of course, keep in mind that you should also make it functional and fun to use.
Offer some deals — Rewards, discounts, and free trials are good offers to entice users. Make the most of these deals to make them try out your mobile apps and increase their potential to become loyal customers.
Offer your help — Aside from providing the customary FAQs, give them information on whom they can contact for any concerns, suggestions, or question.

Create a Community

People are becoming more and more social nowadays, especially with the rise of social media. Use these platforms to advertise your app. You can also leverage the social aspect by encouraging your users to share the capabilities in your app.

Let Users Become your Marketers

When your mobile apps are noteworthy and share-worthy, you won’t have to worry because your own users will become your own marketers. To do this efficiently, make sure that you have options available to make sharing easier for them. This way, not only you increase the levels of engagement among your users but also cultivate awareness among others and loyalty to your clients.

Make your Content Local

Make an app that answers your target users’ needs. You can do this by offering relevant app information, helpful in-app features, or push notifications timed wisely.

Use Push Notifications Wisely

The right timing can make a lot of difference concerning your push notifications. Use them to get your users excited about new features and make them re-engaged once more.

Just remember that when making your mobile apps, customer satisfaction is always your ultimate goal. By making them your priority, you have a very good chance of increasing brand engagement among your users.

From the given tips above, what are the things you’re already doing to increase your brand engagement and what are the things that you still need to do or improve?

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