Infographic On ASO in Numbers

Infographic On ASO in Numbers


Many app developers have been performing App Store Optimization for their apps/games. However, only a handful of them would probably be able to confidently say that they know the entire process like the back of their hands. How about you? Can you claim without hesitation that you already have a firm grasp of app store optimization?

If yes, then good for you because reading this ASO infographic will only affirm the knowledge that you’ve acquired. If not, then consider it as an all-in-one resource that will supply you with more than just app store optimization essentials. What specific factors should you pay attention to in order to boost app installs? What does a good app profile look like? And what are the most relevant ranking factors?

These are but some of the questions this ASO infographic will answer for you. We opted to focus on basic facts and figures pertaining to app store optimization services to give you an inkling about what it would take for your app to start ranking successfully, especially in its current state. This way, you do not have to take the time (which could last for days) to research them yourself.

Basically, this infographic is Dot Com Infoway’s expertise and knowledge of ASO condensed into a single reference that you can read in minutes. We are sure that you will be able to stay on top of current trends in this field as well once you are finished reading it. Do not be surprised if a spark of inspiration ignites in you as you read about them.

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Know Your Field!

  • Smartphone Users Across The World: 3.2 billion
  • Everyone spent 88% of mobile time on the apps
  • Research shows that there are 80+ apps installed on the average smartphone
  • The average person uses 9 mobile apps per day and 30 apps per month

Know Your Competition!

Total Mobile Apps Available For Download:

  • Google Play Store: 2.56 million
  • iOS App Store: 1.85 million

Total Mobile Apps Released Every Month:

  • 100,000+ Android apps
  • 30,000+ iOS apps

These figures are growing every year, and along with it, the market for mobile apps.

Know Your Opportunity!

Worldwide Mobile App Revenue Projection (in billion U.S. dollars)

  • 2020: $581.9
  • 2021: $693
  • 2022: $808.7
  • 2023: $935.2

Know Why ASO Is Important!

  • 40% of apps are discovered through app store searches
  • Avoiding ASO is missing the largest discovery channel

Know the Top Ranking Factor!

The key ranking factors that influence iOS apps on the Apple App Store & Android apps on the Google Play Store are:

  • App name
  • App subtitle
  • App Description
  • App URL
  • Keywords
  • The number of installs
  • Reviews and ratings
  • App updates
  • In-app purchases

Know How A Good App Profile Looks Like!

A successful app profile should contain:

  • Title – not more than 5 words
  • Description – around 267 words
  • Average rating – minimum 3.3
  • Reviews – At Least 12k
  • Images – Minimum 3 app screens
  • App Price – cheaper than $2.33
  • App Size – Maximum 116 MB
  • Supported Devices & Languages – 37 iOS devices & 7 languages

Know Your App’s Listing Limit!

  • Number of Character Limits for App Title in App Store – 30 characters
  • Number of Character Limits for App Title in Google Play – 50 characters
  • Number of Character Limits for App Description – Up to 4000 characters
  • Number of Screenshots Which Can Be Used on App Store – 10 images
  • Number of Screenshots Which Can Be Used on Google Play – 8 images
  • Number of Videos We Can Use in Google Play – Only one video
  • Number of Videos We Can Use in App Store – Up to 3 videos
  • Number of Languages We Can Localize on App Store – 40 languages
  • Number of Languages We Can Localize on Google Play – 77 languages
  • Character Limits for Keywords – 100 characters total, with terms separated by commas and no spaces

Know Other Factors That Boost Your App Installs!

First Impression Frame

  • Optimized first impression frame can increase CVR by up to 26%
  • 60% of visitors won’t scroll beyond the first impression frame
  • 50% of app installs come from the first impression frame

Same Creatives for Different App Stores

  • This reduces iOS app installs by 20%-30%

Videos with Value Proposition

  • Good app video can boost CVR by up to 40%

Repetitive Messaging

  • This causes a 14% increase in instant drop rate

App Localization

Focusing on app localization increases the conversion rate by 26%

App Store success is a result of continuous work not just on the listing, but also on the app itself.

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