SEO Factors Infographic: Tips & Key Takeaways with Recent Statistics

SEO Factors Infographic: Tips & Key Takeaways with Recent Statistics


Is SEO going the way of the dodo in 2022? Should website owners stop publishing content in the hopes of the Big G putting it in the sweetest spot on the SERPs? According to our research, as in recent years or even arguably a decade ago, that would be a recipe for disaster. 

Every digital marketer can’t have enough digital presence. While social media and paid traffic can help in that regard, there’s still no comparison to the amount of traffic you can gain if you rank high for high-value keywords.  Even now, 68% of people’s online experience starts from a single search query.

There’s actually no better time than now to start leveling up your SEO game or start getting into it if you haven’t. Do take note that it’s a field that has vastly changed since its early years. 

With this concise but data-packed infographic, you’ll be able to know the overall state of SEO in 2022. Is it still better than PPC? What SEO factors should you pay attention to and how important is each one? Moreover, gain insights regarding the hottest trends, not least of which are Core Web Vitals, People Also Ask, and Rich Snippets.

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Will SEO be dead in 2022? 

Definitely Not. The growth of websites’ digital presence alone already underlines the necessity of Search Engine Optimization.

Statistics that Prove SEO Is More Important Now Than Ever:

  • Over 1.93 billion Users have Websites for their Businesses.
  • Over 8.5 billion searches happen per day on Google.
  • More than 60% of all searches & shopping begin online.
  • Based on the Survey, 90% of Polls were likely to click the top position of the results.


70% of marketers believe that SEO is more effective than PPC.


  • SEO – 53% 
  • PPC – 27%

Average Conversion Rate

  • SEO – 2.4%
  • PPC – 1.3%

Best SEO Factors to Catapult Your Website to Greater Heights in 2022:

Breakdown of SEO Factors’ Importance:

  • Content Quality – 26%
  • Meta Title Tag – 17%
  • Backlinks – 15%
  • Niche Expertise – 13%
  • Usage of User Intent Queries – 11%
  • Internal Links – 5%
  • Site Speed & Responsiveness – 5%
  • Others – 8%

What Statistics on Notable SEO Trends Reveal:

1. Core Web Vitals:

  • 22% of websites passed all three metrics: LCP, CLS, FID
  • South Korea has the greatest percentage of websites that pass the Core Web Vitals test.
  • 70.4% of websites have a good score for Largest Contentful Paint on desktop/laptop yet only 60.1% of websites have a good score on mobile. 

2. People Also Ask:

  • PAA feature box contains 4 questions, sometimes only 3. 
  • 75% of the time a PAA result appears, it is within the top 3 results in Google
  • Desktop – 49.37%, Mobile – 52.27%

3. Rich Snippets

  • Increases CTR by 677%
  • Drive 20% – 40% more traffic

Benefits of SEO:


The digital search market in 2021 was overwhelmingly Google’s at 86%, with Chrome staying equally dominant among web browsers. This is only proven further by the variety of SEO tools and extensions available in that browser, which tells you a lot about which platform you should be focusing most of your efforts on.

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