Top 6 B2B Instagram Marketing Tips in 2018

Top 6 B2B Instagram Marketing Tips in 2018


Most of us consider Instagram a social platform designed for personal use and B2C companies. However, with 800 million monthly users, Instagram has something for everyone, this includes B2B companies as well. In fact, it’s simply a matter of harnessing the strategies and the opportunities available to create more visibility for your brand and engaging with both existing and potential customers. This requires a customized approach that will help you adapt your efforts to more effectively draw your target audience. Fortunately, there are many digital marketing strategies that you can apply as a B2B company.

B2B Instagram marketing tips 2018

Keep it Authentic and Real

Instagram is well known for using many beautiful stock photos. While they are beautiful to look at and may entice the B2C customer, they don’t lend themselves well to the B2B customer. This is the main reason why utilizing real personal testimonies from existing customers, and photos and videos that are authentic and reflect the personality and authenticity of the company, are far better when it comes to drawing more B2B customers.

They convey a more credible image for a B2B company. Make it enticing for existing customers to leave comments. Use real company photos and video footage. The B2B customer needs to know that your company has been successful at helping other companies achieve their goals or fulfil some other need. This can’t be effectively displayed with stock photos and perfect images.

  • Utilize real company photos and videos
  • Make it easy for current B2B customers to comment

Post Authentically and Frequently

The B2B customer is not going to be wooed by glossy perfect stock photos. This is actually a plus because it creates an opportunity for you to post new and varied content easily and frequently. Pictures of the last company function or a letter from a satisfied customer can easily be uploaded without having to pay too much attention to perfection. Upload pictures from your phone. Snap pictures of anything that might be relevant to both existing and potential customers. This will draw your target audience and create a comprehensive view of your company.

  • Post videos, photos, and other content that reflects the current events of your company
  • Post frequently
  • Post content that would interest and benefit your target audience

Engage with Your Target Audience and Related Audiences

It’s not enough to post content and focus only on your web presence. You will widen your reach, learn more about your target audience, and build more credibility by engaging with your audience. This should be done on your page as well as other related pages. Take the time to answer questions or respond to comments. Even problems are an opportunity for you to showcase the values and the attitude of your company. Don’t miss these opportunities. Respond to them in real time. Don’t forget about related audiences as well. Complementary businesses serve a purpose by allowing you to learn more about ways that you can collaborate more effectively and improve your overall business. Spend some time engaging on those pages as well. In essence, get involved.

Don’t Forget Your Bio

Instagram isn’t a social platform with a lot of places to leave links. However, Instagram does make this possible in the bio portion of your Instagram profile. Use it. Make sure that it’s up to date and clickable. This gives both existing and potential customers an opportunity to go to your site and get a more in-depth view of your company and all it has to offer. If you’re really savvy, you can create a link to other links which allows your audience access to even more information.

Tools like Linktree makes this possible. You can also use Instagram stories as a way of creating links. However, these stories are only available for 24-hours, so you would have to use the real-time information; which would only add to the richness of your content anyway.

  • Place a link in your bio
  • Utilize Linktree to create more links
  • Use Instagram Stories for both real-time content and additional link opportunities

Make Every Post a Compact and Comprehensive View of Your Business

Every post is an opportunity to show all the benefits and angles of your company. However, the real strategy is to do this in a concise and compact manner. Every post is an opportunity to tell your company story. If you look at it as such, you will realize all the different ways that this can be done. The authentic photos and videos that you post can do this quite effectively. With each post, ask yourself what information you are conveying to your potential audience and what it says about your company. Consider the value that the information conveys as well.

Make sure that the content you are posting is consistent and conveys a seamless message. This is an area where Instagram stories create a clear opportunity to accomplish this goal.

  • Use Instagram Stories
  • Be consistent
  • Only Use Content that tells a Story
  • Always consider the value the content will have on your potential customer

Don’t Waste Time on Metrics with No Real Details

Likes and clicks make us all smile but metrics like these don’t provide much information. The true story lies in the specifics of who is clicking on your site and who is liking your posts. This is vital information. If you can determine who your audience is you can continue to improve your content by learning more about what they want and how to draw them to you. You need to focus on metrics that will give you this type of essential information. Pay attention to comments and followers. This is vital information and is a true testament as to how much exposure you’re getting and from whom.

Instagram is a force to be reckoned with. The sheer number of people using this social platform attests to this fact. There’s something for everyone, even the B2B business owner. It just takes knowing what type of content will be most effective. It also requires frequent engagement with other users to learn more and draw your target audience. Fortunately, this is all possible. It simply requires learning how to take advantage of the opportunities that Instagram creates and being consistent.

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