Effective Tips to Increase Sales on Instagram

Effective Tips to Increase Sales on Instagram

Instagram is a strongly visual platform which lends itself well to businesses like retailers, restaurants, and a variety of other brands that have a product or service that photographs well. By following certain social media marketing strategies, it can be used in many ways to generate leads and boost sales.


Using Hashtags Effectively

Exposure is the name of the game when it comes to Instagram. Every chance you get to hashtag something pertinent to your brand, do so. Hashtags are clickable and allow potential customers to find all the photos on one topic. It’s free advertising. Use the right hashtag and you’re able to attract customers from all over.

Post Only the Best Images

Instagram is a visual social media platform which means that any image you post should be both compelling and eye catching. Looks do count on Instagram. Make sure you’re posting high-quality images. Furthermore, the images you use should highlight your business in a profound way. In essence, the images must showcase your brand in such a way that makes it extremely noticeable and identifiable. All the images you post should be compatible and consistent with your brand. Consistency is key. This should ring true not only with your images but your voice. Keep the tone and the tense consistent with what your brand has always sounded and looked like. Pick an aesthetic and stick to it.

Run Instagram Retargeting Campaigns

This style of campaign can be quite effective because it targets customers who’ve visited your page before but never bought anything. This is effective because it targets people who have already expressed some level of interest. It was launched on Facebook in 2015 and later added to Instagrams ad tech strategies in 2016. Part of the reason why these types of ads are successful is that the person is presented with only the items they were looking at earlier, nothing more. This gives customers a second chance to look and possibly make a purchase.

Invest in Instagram Ads

Instagram ads are a smart way for new brands to attract more business. You simply craft your ads to appeal to the audience you feel is most likely to want the product or service being advertised. Instagram can be a powerful tool to get your brand noticed and make sales. Instagram ads allow you to put clickable links in a post. This allows your customers a chance to look at whatever you’re selling or advertising. These ads can be quite powerful.


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