Top 7 Results-Driven Ways to Use ChatGPT for SEO

Top 7 Results-Driven Ways to Use ChatGPT for SEO


Chatbots have been around for quite a while, but when AI-based ChatGPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) was released in late 2022, it made waves for a reason. It has certainly turned the eye of almost any digital marketing agency that’s seeing the immense potential of ChatGPT for SEO.

Are you looking for the most relevant and newest SEO Tips for Startups? All we’re going to say is that you better familiarize yourself with the Benefits of ChatGPT before you decide to hire SEO Services. You’ll know why it’s the next hot thing because of the facts and tips we laid out here.

Quick, Interesting Facts About ChatGPT

We can’t deny the fact that there’s interest in ChatGPT for SEO simply because there’s also been chatter that it could very well replace Google in the future. Obviously, that may seem like a starry-eyed concept for now, but considering the following ChatGPT Stats and present facts, it may well have some basis:

  • In just five days after launch, ChatGPT reached 1 million users. For comparison, Facebook and Instagram reached that milestone in 10 months and 2 months, respectively.
  • Its parent company is OpenAI, which is directly supported by Microsoft, with a value of $20 billion in secondary share sales. 
  • As of this writing, the AI is getting close to 10 million prompts and queries every day and that number is continually growing.
  • It may cost a lot to run (approximately $100,000 daily), but it’s forecasted to earn $200 million in 2023 alone.’
  • Microsoft has invested $1 billion dollars into it and has recently announced its intention to integrate it into its search engine, Bing.
  • ChatGPT has already breached the 500 million mark with the total number of users it has had. 

Here Are Some Caveats About ChatGPT, Though

Of course, no platform is ever perfect. It simply won’t do to settle for a prompt like “write me a 1,000-word article about the benefits of activated charcoal” and expect high-quality content that will rank.

Here are some features and qualities that you need to pay attention to in order to learn how to use ChatGPT correctly.

You Can’t Prompt It About Anything Under the Sun

It won’t create content or withhold information about any topic that’s considered taboo or controversial. These may include anything related to violence, hate speech, explicitly sexual themes, or anything illegal. 

It’s Not Up-to-Date

For instance, as of this writing, it makes it clear that its information is only up to 2021, so you asking about current events is out of the question. 

Proven To Be Biased

This can be attributed to the training it has received, which requires it to be as truthful, positive, and supportive as possible.

You’ll see the harmlessness in how it writes stories, for example, especially if you don’t give detailed requirements. It will almost always end its stories in a happy, idealistic way. And, yes, this applies to prompts that involve asking it to write similarly to a specific writer’s style – even those who are known for their constantly bleak endings.

In short, these biases greatly affect the final output. 

Works Better As Long as You Go for a Detailed Approach

There’s a reason why there are already training agencies promising to teach you how to prompt ChatGPT properly. It simply can’t be used to the fullest or give you the output you’re specifically aiming for if you won’t feed it every important detail possible.

At best, it will only scratch the surface, even if you tell it to “explain further” or “give more details”. You have to give it exact commands.

There Are Ways To Detect AI Content

The folks at Google, for instance, have been investing in it for years now. Many solutions posit that there are statistical features shared by and innate in AI-generated content.

It Actually Watermakers Its Output That Help in AI Content Detection

If you’ve been hoping to optimize your website for Google using 100% ChatGPT content or have it write a full essay, know that you’re very well going against its own creators. After all, OpenAI attaches a form of a cryptography-based invisible watermark to the chatbot’s output.

That watermark only lends to easier detection of AI-based content.


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How ChatGPT Aids SEO?

Identify Relevant Keywords

Keyword research is one of the best ways you can use ChatGPT for SEO. However, don’t expect it to give you an exact list of relevant keywords from the get-go.

You still need to make an effort in checking each one and weeding out the ones that aren’t worth targeting based on search volume, difficulty, etc. 

Check and Correct Spelling and Grammar

ChatGPT is almost 100% infallible when it comes to these two essential aspects of written content. So if someone asks you, “How will ChatGPT affect SEO?” tell them it can essentially function as the perfect grammar Nazi that can correct everything you write. 

Provide Excellent Customer Support

This has been one of the boons of chatbots for years. ChatGPT is no different when it comes to answering queries, translating, and more importantly, personalized responses to clients.

Provide Creative Content

ChatGPT’s wonders stem from its ability to write similarly to a human. You can tell it to write in a specific tone, for example, or mimic someone’s style. It may not be able to completely copy a writer’s exact output (at least, not yet), but we have its autoregressive language model to thank for its ability to simulate human-like writing.

Helps in Writing Meta Descriptions

You can ask it to write descriptions of specific articles while making sure that it limits the words to a certain number of characters.

Give Page Title Ideas

It will provide you with a list of page titles based on the content you share to it, and provide detailed requirements in the process.

May Optimize Site Structure

Simply put, it will be able to perform a site audit for you and suggest strategies for optimization in key areas like how to implement structured data and improve headings, titles, duplicate pages, etc. 

Create Full Blog Posts

You can ask it to write about the “best wakeboards in 2023”, and you’ll be given a blog post in minutes. You can even instruct it to make modifications or re-generate text that you’re not satisfied with. 

Now if this doesn’t fully convince you about the sheer importance of chatbots in digital marketing, what will?

7 Techniques to Capitalize on ChatGPT for SEO

Verify Your SEO Goals

Time and time again, SEO trends & tactics have underscored the importance of aligning your strategies with your goals. Using ChatGPT is just another strategy that you have to use to help achieve those specific objectives.

Acquire Relevant Data

Data from your site’s analytics and about your audience will only allow you to use ChatGPT in a more precise manner, which is almost always the better route.

Help To Train the Model

“Training” involves feeding the model the data you acquire. In the process, you need to adjust the output based on the fed data for optimization. 

Use It To Generate Content

With the data now locked and loaded, it’s now time to start generating the content. For example, you can ask it to include all the keywords you’re targeting and create the title and description, along with full text for blog posts. 

Track and Make Adjustments

Any PPC agency prioritizes the continuous improvements of ads. Well, the same applies to content, even the one generated by ChatGPT. You have to continuously feed it with the data you acquire. 

Use It To Get Keywords

If you’re aiming for better eCommerce SEO, for example, then have it suggest more keywords based on a list of seed keywords you already have on hand. 

Refine the Keywords List

Test and check all the new keywords from there. Remember: it has to be geared toward ranking high for terms that are well worth targeting based on competition, relevance and search volume. 


ChatGPT became close to a magic pill for programmers, students, bloggers, and writers with the way it’s able to seemingly churn out logical ideas, content, and information. ChatGPT for SEO is nothing short of revolutionary simply because it’s more efficient than a standard Google search and our own manual efforts.

What’s sure is that it’s able to make a lot of people’s lives easy, especially digital marketers. If you are one yourself, it’s safe to say you’re missing out on a lot. 

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