Top IoT App Development Predictions for 2019

Top IoT App Development Predictions for 2019


According to Statista, Internet of Things connectivity is expected to attract revenue up to $26.66 billion by 2019. That alone is a statement of the impact that the sector will have come in 2019 onwards. Basically, there will be key applications that will benefit from the IoT revolution.

Today we are going to have an in-depth look at the top IoT app development expected in 2019.


The Exponential Growth of IoT All Round

First and foremost, the development of IoT App is anticipated to take center stage in various avenues out there. The penetration of the internet in most aspects of life is going to propel the expansion of this aspect. Basically, this implies that there will be an influx of data been shared via the internet.

When it comes to 2019, it is anticipated that there will be the growth of the 5G network. These predictions also come at the backdrop of getting more storage services for the increased data. Furthermore, there will be a key application, especially in farming, livestock and smart museums.

IoT in Healthcare

The healthcare fraternity has received great attention especially when it comes to advancement. This entails the inclusion of artificial intelligence and robotic operations. Well, IoT based healthcare solutions are set to be incorporated in this field come 2019.

The diversification of this sector features the introduction of smart pills and customized healthcare systems. Consequently, there is the expectation of having sophisticated healthcare maintenance systems. From this innovation, it is clear that there is the act of improving the overall health care systems.

Improved Security

In the recent past, there have been rampant cases of security breaches when it comes to IoT. For instance, there are vulnerabilities such as hacking. As we get into 2019, it is highly anticipated that there will be an enhanced security system.

Main hardware companies such as Cisco and Dell are planning to invest heavily in infrastructure. Moreover, it is likely that there will be security extended to the vendors. You should also take note of the user control and threat protection in this industry.

At the end of the day, innovators will be upbeat to cover any loopholes when it comes to IoT. Remember, hacking can be detrimental especially when there are loads of data shared via this platform.

Penetration of IoT in Smart Cars

The automobile industry is also expected to become a major beneficiary of the internet of things. With the onset of self-driving vehicles, it is prudent for the market to capitalize on this. Come 2019, it is anticipated that you will be able to monitor the car’s condition virtually.

Innovators will be working on establishing the most responsive systems to connect the various devices. For instance, you will be able to know the car’s health by simply accessing your mobile applications. That’s not all there is the prospect of getting real-time feedback from the smart cars.

IoT in Smart Cities

The advent of technology advancement has grown to the level of smart technology. That is why you will hear of more smart neighbourhoods and cities out there. It should be brought to your attention that IoT is likely to facilitate this move.

So far, there has been a great breakthrough when it comes to smart homes. For instance, there have been smart neighbourhoods in Toronto, Canada and various parts of USA. Next year, the focus will be the expansion of this project to the city level.

Furthermore, this aspect will be undertaken with the help of smart sensors installed in various parts of the city. The beauty of this technology is that it alleviates the safety and convenience within the city. In the upcoming year, there is the great hope for the improvement of this aspect.


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Internet of Things Making Way in the Manufacturing Sectors

This listing would be incomplete without the mentioning of the manufacturing industry. You should note that there will be growth especially when it comes to IoT and the manufacturing sector. That is why there will be smoother transitions from one department to the other.

Under this, you will note that the supply chain management will be enhanced via the internet. Remember, the main goal is to get rid of delays and redundancies in the sector.

The Popularity of Smart Mirror

One of the tremendous IoT app development is the use of the magic mirror. What is a smart or magic mirror? Essentially, this is IoT based solution that helps users to try out products in retail stores and get the feedback.

You should note that this technology is powered by Raspberry Pi Web camera and LED monitor. The merit of this technology is that it fosters interactions with the users.

Cut-throat Competition in This Market

The tech industry is one of the most competitive sectors out there. That is why you will find tech gurus capitalizing on any opportunity. Well, the same will be experienced when it comes to IoT app development.

Basically, companies such as Google and Microsoft will be eyeing to control the IoT aspect. This implies that there will be major investments when it comes to this sector.

More and Smarter Devices

In 2019, automobile and other manufacturers will be looking forward to introducing superior smart devices. To keep up with the growing IoT, it is sagacious that tech giants will be launching devices to foster the internet.

Under this, you should expect a lot to happen when it comes to hospitability and transportation sectors. Additionally, there will be synchronization of these systems to achieve the best outcome.

Breakthrough of IoT

As you’ve clearly seen in the previous text, IoT is going to have a significant impact in almost all sectors. That is why you will see more innovations when it comes to healthcare and cars. In 2019, there is no doubt that there will be milestones made thanks to these solutions.

It will be also interesting to see what new solutions various companies have under their sleeves when it comes to IoT. Let’s keep our minds open when it comes to this field.

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