Part 2 of Mobile Advertising – Utilizing the Ingenuity of Facebook App Install Ads to the Fullest

Part 2 of Mobile Advertising – Utilizing the Ingenuity of Facebook App Install Ads to the Fullest


As a continuation of our mobile advertising series, we now put the spotlight on Facebook app install ads. This remains one of the most effective and popular mobile advertising services types any app owner or developer can rely on for good reason. We will be expounding on each of them here for your ready reference and give you helpful pointers on how you can optimize your campaigns to give you your desired results.

The mere fact that Facebook developed an ad platform dedicated to promoting app installations should give you an inkling of how efficiently the social media giant harnesses traffic. It gives you the tools and capability to reach your target audience. This is only proven by the number of success stories from mobile app developers through years of consistently using Facebook app install ads. The key, of course, lies in using it properly and optimally.

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What Are Facebook App Install Ads?

They are still essentially just like any ad unit any user can encounter while going through their feed. But, of course, it directly links and showcases the app you are promoting. You even get to include an “Install Now” button in the actual ad that takes the clicker directly to the App or Play Store listing of the app.

Snippets of its key features can be added to every ad, too. It uses either an image or a video for this, plus a brief line of text to reveal more vital information. Fairly basic online and Facebook advertising, but of course, with a very special focus on app installs.

Much like any kind of ad campaign Faceboob app install ads also have their own campaigns, which are relatively hassle-free to set up and get the hang of. But before we get to that, let us look at the exact benefits of these kinds of ads first.

The Undeniable Benefits of Facebook App Install Ads

Mobile ads benefits of this platform are just one of the reasons app owners are more than willing to continue using it as their primary advertising tool. These are but some of the verified FB ad campaigns benefits you can get from this ad network.

  • It Is Optimized to a Tee

The way the ad units are presented and set up practically exhibits the efficient advertising prowess of the platform. Not only is the “Install Now” button a very effective call-to-action technique, but it also takes the user directly to the app’s listing. This means less waiting times (a prevalent conversion issue in advertisers with slow landing pages) and higher conversion rates.

  • It Does Not Take Long to Set up Your Campaigns

The ad creation process is very straightforward and simplistic that you can literally set up campaigns in minutes as long; all the more so if you already have everything planned and know the right data to input. At the core of this perk is the fact that it really isn’t hard to grasp how to set targets and budgets, and Facebook presents you with a single interface where you can manage all of these essential aspects.

  • Easy to Keep Track of Installs

Any mobile app ads campaign management requires no less than fastidious monitoring so you can immediately pinpoint areas you need to improve on and make the necessary adjustments to get the most ROI. The best mobile ads benefits ultimately have that one goal, after all. That said, Facebook Ads certainly gives you every opportunity to do just that with the fluid way it helps you understand how each ad campaign you have set up performs.

  • You Can Start and Have Successful Campaigns Even with a Tight or Small Budget

It, in short, has a low barrier for entry among budding app owners who want to promote their creations to millions of Facebook users worldwide. This could not be more obvious in the fact that the average cost of an app install from a Facebook app installs ads is still $1.2 (and even lower as some campaigns can attest).

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Need Help with Creating or Optimizing Facebook Ads for Your App?

The advantage of working with experienced marketers here at Dot Com Infoway team is that we have managed more than 1000 campaigns for mobile apps and improved the ROI.

How to Boost Your Facebook App Install Ad Campaigns?

It’s fairly easy to grasp how to start an ad campaign on this FB ad platform since you only have to select your campaign objective (it’s a given that you should choose ‘App installs’ to get new users) then create an advert set from there. The Campaigns helps you to increase app engagement.

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Before you start, your app should already be integrated with Facebook, you should already have an inkling as to how you can increase the volume of your conversions, and what tracking setup you will be using. This only gives your campaign its much-needed direction and ensures you won’t depart from your goals. Afterward, you can begin inputting the basic data and elements of your campaign like your target audience, ad format, placements, designs, copy, CTAs, etc.

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These are, of course, all entirely up to you. What we will provide are tips on how you can optimize your campaign to enjoy higher conversions. They are as follow:

  • Make Sure to Target the Best Audience for Your App

Facebook already has a wealth of data it is more than willing to show regarding people of various demographics and interests so be sure to use that to your advantage. For this, you can rely on the “Lookalike Audiences” feature that will basically give you the best audience suggestions.

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Also keep an eye on the Relevance Score, as this is an important metric for determining the ad’s value. Your target audience’s feedback determines it, making it nothing short of crucial to drive your campaign success. In the long run, it will only be cheaper for you as the advertiser as well.

  • Economize by Capitalizing on Smart Bidding

A vital ingredient for the success of ad campaigns, after all, lies in reducing conversion costs as much as possible. Being active in manual bidding allows you to take control and achieve this.

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Just because you set up a high bid and got the excellent quality traffic you are looking for does not mean it has to stay high. Most of the time, even sharp bid decreases mid-campaign can still bring in the same quality traffic you are enjoying. In short, feel free to experiment in bidding.

  • Pinpoint the Best times to Run Ads and Scale Your Budget

Then come up with a solid schedule of the times to show your ads. In pretty much any campaign, there is almost always a specific time when the most clicks and installs occur. Discover it. Otherwise, you’ll only be losing out money by mindlessly running your ads 24/7.

The same applies to budget scaling. Slow and steady increases (10 to 30% after two or three days) often result in lower costs of conversions as well, since many advertisers can attest to the fact that upping your budget too much only leads to an equally big hike in conversion costs.


Is it really at all a surprise that Facebook app install ads still reign supreme in the Mobile App Marketing Agency? Yes, it may not be the best ad platform for everyone (this is arguably a subjective topic and depends a lot on one’s niche). However, the utter ease-of-use and the reasonably affordable CPI practically make it a must-use means for app promotion and, more importantly, driving installs.

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