Why Do You Need To Monitor Your User Behaviour?

Why Do You Need To Monitor Your User Behaviour?


User behavior holds vital pieces to the puzzle of how well your product is performing and what it may need to improve its performance. If you don’t have data like this you are essentially unable to refine your app. Monitoring user behavior allows you to analyze the information you receive to make decisions about what’s working well and what’s not. It is the proverbial fly on the wall that gives you a true look into what it’s like to use your app. Understanding this data and putting it to good use is essential to growth.


Users Don’t Engage in the Way You Thought They Would

The hours you put into the development and launch of your app and its intended use doesn’t guarantee that the app is being used the way you hoped it would be. Monitoring user behavior lets you know how your app is being used, and if it is the way you envisioned it would be. If it’s not, you can always make changes to try to modify user behavior. However, tweaking your app is not possible if you don’t have this vital information regarding user behavior.

To Understand How One Piece of Data Relates to Another

User metrics measure many different things. Often times, it’s difficult to make the connections between different pieces of data. This makes analyzing problems with your app difficult to do. Understanding the relationship between different pieces of information helps you to understand why you may be having a difficult time obtaining new users and keeping your existing ones. Recognizing the relationship between the data you collect puts you in the driver’s seat when it comes to improving your app all the way around.

To Consistently Monitor Data for Improvement in the App Lifecycle

User behavior should always be a high priority focus and interest for any brand that wants their app to be successful and grow over time. The collection of this type of data will always create useful information when it comes to areas that may need improvement and tweaking. This is why you need a way of monitoring typical user interactions with your app. There are a few key metrics you should focus on;

  • Sessions
  • Session duration
  • Frequency/session interval
  • User retention/recency
  • Time in the app
  • Screens and ScreenFlow

These are metrics that monitor how and when your app is accessed by a user, in addition to the frequency and the length of the engagement. All this information is vital in terms of determining if the app is being used in the way you hoped it would and what tweaks can be made to improve its overall performance.

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Clearly, monitoring user behavior is an invaluable resource to any company that wants to continue to increase user engagement and grow their app. It allows an inside look at problems as well as areas that an app may be performing well. All this information is valuable and should guide the tweaks, improvements, and strategies used to increase the success of an app.

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