Top 5 Reasons Why Your Business Need Reputation Marketing Services

Top 5 Reasons Why Your Business Need Reputation Marketing Services


Believe it or not, aside from all the complicated details of running an online business, one of the biggest predictors of repeated success is your company’s reputation.  It may seem as if this seemingly lightweight piece to the puzzle wouldn’t make a major difference, however, nothing could be further from the truth.  According to Nielsen’s most recent Global Trust in Advertising study, 66% of global consumers said that they trust and utilize online reviews when making decisions about buying. As a result, there are several areas that you should pay attention to if you want to maintain a reputation that continues to draw potential customers.

The Power of Range

Don’t think that a few positive reviews on sites like Google+ or Yelp are anywhere near sufficient to keep the reputation of your business afloat.  Think broad and wide, understanding that widespread detailed reviews are what’s going to carry the most punch.  Potential customers need to see reviews about your business posted in a variety of different places.  Allowing a few sites with no real interest in the success of your business to carry so much weight is a big mistake.

Authenticity Counts

As much as you can, make sure that posted reviews are real and authentic.  Encourage your existing customers to leave detailed authentic reviews about your product and or services.  You may be drawn to take matters into your own hands and manufacture a few good reviews yourself, but resist the urge.  The possibility of getting caught is a real risk.

Recent Reviews Rank Higher for SEO & Potential Customers

Search engines rank recent reviews higher than older ones.  This alone should be enough motivation to strongly encourage your customers to post frequently when they have positive experiences with your business.  In addition to higher SEO rankings, potential customers consider recent reviews more relevant.  Potential customers want to know what type of experiences people have had with your company in the here and now.

Quantity Matters

Potential customers want to see reviews that show an abundance of consistently good experiences.  This is why three five-star ratings don’t hold a candle to 30 four or five-star ratings.   Repeated good reviews create more comfort and confidence in the minds of potential customers in terms of credibility.  People are willing to put trust in a company when an abundance of people have had good experiences.

Quality Reviews Create More Credibility

Obviously, no business wants a bunch of negative reviews on the internet. Good reviews do matter.  A detailed positive review does part of the work when it comes to building the credibility of a business.  If you buy a product or service from a company that has had many widespread positive reviews, you usually do this without nearly as much trepidation as you would have if a company had no reviews, few reviews, or negative ones.

The reputation of your company is something you shouldn’t take lightly.  It can and often does affect your bottom line.  Make sure that you’re encouraging your customers to leave good detailed reviews about your business.  Clearly, word of mouth is a powerful tool. Furthermore, there’s an emphatic synergy that exists between building a strong review presence, well-optimized local pages, and a strong positive web presence.

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