Microsoft launches msnNOW to Track Hot News

Microsoft launches msnNOW to Track Hot News

Microsoft has just launched a new service known as msnNOW that delivers real-time snapshots of popular news stories and latest buzz on the Internet, on a minute by minute basis at a single place.

Microsoft msnNOW

The trend-tracking service, msnNOW, debuts today at and will be integrated into items on Microsoft’s main MSN site.

It uses algorithms created by Microsoft and gathers data from Bing, Facebook, Twitter, etc to find out what people are searching for and what the most-shared articles are among users, in real time.

Bob Visse, General Manager of MSN said, “We’re taking the hottest, socially trending conversations on the Web and surfacing them.”

Editors at MSN will then sort out the news and filter the news according to the top stories and hot topics. They will then post the links that are widely shared and point out resources to find out more on a particular subject. Microsoft is hoping that this service will draw a number of young people in the age of 25 to 40 to its site.

“This is for that younger generation that doesn’t spend more than five to ten minutes at a time info-snacking. We’re putting fuel on a conversation,” Visse said.

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