Social Networking apps have come a long way. From bulletin boards to Craigslist to social networking websites to mobile apps, people are constantly looking for social networking apps they can trust. Usually, a social networking app brings a bridge between two people who are away from each other.


The following challenges were encountered on the way to building the social networking mobile app:

  • Search: Searching based on the matches between the hosts and the dates involving multiple parameters such as interests, just to name a few.
  • UI/UX: The user interface and the user experience needed to cater to both the hosts and the dates with the look and feel that would make both the parties comfortable and even enjoy a sense of belonging.

Our Solution

Dot Com Infoway understood that this mobile application development project is a unique platform catering to two parties of varied interests: hosts and dates. Consequently, we need to understand the expectations and aspirations of both hosts and dates to bring the BugsBee application tourists to its successful fruition.

  • Requirement gathering/elicitation: This involved completely understanding what was expected of the mobile app. What are the features? What those features must lead to? What should be the end result?
  • Wireframing and prototyping: These are prepared to give a visual idea of how the various screens and elements of the mobile app are going to gel together and transition from one section to the other. This is like using the actual app, but on the paper or on the graphic screen rather than the actual mobile app.
  • Preparing the ER diagram: Establishing relationships between the various functions of the mobile app and the associated database and its tables.

Our Results

The client is extremely happy with the results of the BugsBee social networking app. They received full support from Dot Com Infoway in terms of consultations, interface design and programming, and even deployment and implementation

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