The Candor IBS tracking app serves as a guide for those who want to reintroduce high FODMAP foods into their diet as well as new people who are trying to start a low FODMAP diet.


One of the issues we emphasized and worked to overcome was the calendar implementation and calculations to supply the graph with the meal data submitted by the user. We also discovered the following difficulties while we developed the digestive tracker Candor app:
  • User-manually added food: The original design we chose had predetermined lists of foods, but users couldn’t manually enter their own foods into the diary. Throughout the development stage, we were able to resolve the issue.
  • Implementing a calendar function that would enable users to keep track of their dietary intake, ailment symptoms, and BMs on a daily basis was another difficulty we identified.
  • Graph of food data: We intended to create a fitness tracker software that would enable the user to input dietary data and display it visually.

Our Solution

  • To properly define the project’s scope based on the client’s expectations, we had a one-on-one discussion with the client.
  • After that, we started to design the app’s wireframe and prototype for the Candor IBS tracking app to explain the prospective outcome to the client before beginning the work.
  • Then, to give the customer a preview of what was to come, we constructed an ER diagram. Our prototype satisfied the client’s requirements for data analytics and UX design.
  • We have worked on front-end programming to create native apps for iOS and Android. For the backend, we use Node.js for better performance.
  • We carried out testing to make the program bug-proof for a seamless UX and Created tools to allow users to manually enter food data
  • After thorough platform and SEO optimization to assure greater visibility and app discovery, we finally released the Candor app to track stomach ailments for both App Store and Google PlayStore.

Our Results

The Candor IBS Tracking app has been downloaded by 1,000 people, which has a fantastic 4.0-star rating on the PlayStore. The client also expressed his satisfaction with how we were able to implement his desired features and vision for the app and congratulated each member of our team who worked on its development.

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